I would be less keen to pvp with an opt out Killboard

Ill be honest the latest changes sucks for me (so much that I already cancel my sub).

Seems CCP wants more ships to explode and force people to pvp,

You know what, fine. I am a reasonable man, I can compromise. If CCP wants me to do PVP I would give them PVP.

But , and hear me out this is the feature. A way to anonymize my deaths.

I feature where I can disable the killmail. Perhaps in different levels.

Level 1. Won’t generate killmail at all.
Level 2. Will generate killmail but without the victim fit and cargo.
Level 3. Will generate killmail with fit and cargo but without Victim names.
Level 4. How it at this moment

If I had that feature , heck I’ll be doing pvp wasaaaaaay more.

Why ? Call it wherever you want ego , shame. It doesn’t matter. But without killmails I would compromise more to pvp that is for sure.

You don’t have to automatically upload your kills to Zkillboard, that is a feature you (or your corporation) has turned on by providing access to your character kill info to Zkillboard.

Withdraw that permission and your kills won’t show up! You could even manually upload only the kills you wish to become public, which is how high sec gankers often appear not to have died to CONCORD after a gank.

However, in a PvP fight there are usually at least two parties and there’s nothing to stop the other party from uploading the kill on your ship themselves. Maybe ask them kindly to not make your ship’s explosion public?

Just disable the pop-up that shows Kill/Loss mails and ignore them.

That is a problem for me. Without that feature. If wouldn’t mind buying blinging ships and take them to pvp

In that case try to convince the others to keep it a secret. :wink:

(In my experience people like sharing the bling kill they made to their friends, fleet, corp or alliance, so I give it very little chance of success. Maybe if you pay enough ISK?)

I’ve never liked the meta game PvP tracking that games have.

“Keeping Score” adds a level of seriousness that many people don’t want.

Most games only “keep score” for arena style PvP.


I think killmails are automatically upload to killboard via API. Once in killboard cannot be deleted.

And if I would be killed and I would like that choice to keep it discreet.

Would you really?

If you can’t handle looking at a record of a loss, honestly, how would you handle more actual losing?

The problem is that there are people whose primary motivator to PvP are killmails. In fact, there are so precious few reasons to fight left in modern Eve that I fear the meaningless stats provided by zKillboard are a major driver of activity in the game today.

There are solutions, the simplest is just to make an alt unconnected to you if you want to PvP without a record. Or maybe try a therapist to get over your hangups. But it is unlikely the game is going to change for you at this point, and that goes especially for an ex-customer like yourself.

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YES. I can assure you. I would do way more pvp. I don’t see why I need to go to a therapist. I actually do a lot of pvp in other games like War Thunder. Oddly Eve is the only game where I do the less PVP.

But here it feels ■■■■■■■ degrading like a Throphy head.

Fair enough. I am not demanding anything. Just giving you my point of view for a potential feature.

Perhaps they could have it. But not with a Name and cargo attach to it, to not remove the that “pleasure” for them. But again I am not demanding anything as you said I am already out.

Anyways have been good to theorize.


If you have this on, turn it off. You’ll stop auto-uploading your losses. And if you stop visiting the website, you’ll never see these kill / loss mails anymore, so what’s the issue?

That doesn’t stop the other guy uploading to brag or mock though.

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I never kept track of my score till I started to post on the forums. My 1st topic is now long gone, not in my history anymore. But I got my arse handed to me for suggesting a way to dim down the background light after going through a gate.

When I came back to the forums (for some ungodly reason :laughing: ) The troll’s heaped upon me as usual. But when I looked at myself on z-kill, I realized I actually used to be good at the game and that gave me the confidence to post more. Meh, it can be a 2 edged sword I guess. :upside_down_face:

its space pixels…says more about them than you if they brag about a KM. Just let them get on with it.

Don’t know why you’re bothered by it. I think of it like a kid waving your used jonnys at you after you blew all your money on cocaine and hookers. Yeah it’s a little embarassing but who had the best time? and who’s waving a used jonny around?

The biggest turn off for eve pvp for me is two very different things: time to target and one sided encounters. Best experience I’ve ever had has been on the test server.

I can guarantee you more people are encouraged to pvp do to km than are discouraged.

Considering nearly everyone who makes it a focus has their api linked to zkill.

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