Shuttles and Rookie Ships

I am not sure if this is a new thing or something that has been going on for a while but ive noticed in the Forge Region (although it could be elsewhere) 10s and 10s for shuttles and Rookie ships abandoned in space, sometimes son gates but most of the time filling up dscan somewhere within 14.3au.

Whats this about? Perhaps abandoned ships should be allowed to be destroyed in high sec after a period of time.

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These are the result of blapped abandoned stations, usually. Assembled ships get ejected into space, not dropped in hangar containers, and persist for a while (it used to be 30 days, not sure if that is still true).

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in huola gate , the entrance to amarr fw there is like HUNDREDS of them
i dont know wats the deal to
it looks like a modern incarnation of the old pos death stars , because my old mac lag like a mofo wen i land on the gate lol

It’s a fairly old method to decloak campers/people jumping in. Fairly annoying really

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IIRC a GM can clear them if that is the cause of the scatter (due to system performance hits, ‘spiking’ with significant decloak clutter is frowned upon), but if it is legitimate drops from a station kill it sticks around until scheduled despawn.

ya they just have to pay enough attention to do it. Cheers to the guy that took the time to fly them in though

sounds fair, i guess the ones by the gate are not from a citadel killing, but the others may well be.


The Forsaken Fortress update led to the destruction of many many abandoned stations. And these shuttles and rookie ships were either inside the hangars and ejected when people looted those hangars, or these shuttles were the transport ships of the looters that hopped into the more valuable ships contained within the hangars.

I don’t think the ships automatically get ejected though, this only happens when people open up the hangars (and turn suspect in the progress).

You can destroy them yourself! But I don’t think they should be cleaned automatically. Imagine you have some ships ‘abandoned’ in space within your POS field and they are cleaned automatically…

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The main issue there is the ones that aren’t nice and yellow, or red. Really whoever put them there screwed up. I know a few players do that around madi and niarja hoping for passive bumps. But ya if i’m in a ship that can and see those, they get shot lol

Saw a lot of ships in excess to players in local. Scanned them down, and realized there were more than corvettes and shuttles. Got a bunch of Ventures, frigates, destroyers, and a Retriever. I would expect this is all over by now, but it sure was fun warping in with my pod and boarding an abandoned ship and flying it back to my hangar.

I put two and two together and realized it was the abandoned station detritus from being destroyed. I would like to see the shuttles and corvettes disappear though, there sure are a bunch of them in places.

No mystery - it’s a “dirty gate” for decloaking.

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Just board it and hit self destruct.

@Mkikaden_Tiragen I have no idea how citadel loot gets ejected at NPC stations undock’s and gates. There is bunch of those ships around all hisec right now. Almost in every system.

Yeah this ^, in space yes, not by gates and NPC undocks so peole must have put them there, and if you shoot them you will get concorded. I get the uncloak thing, but even that doesnt feel right in most of the systems i am seeing them in.

No it has nothing to do with structures… unless the structure was right on that gate.

Dont people remember how you keep faction police busy? while you (on the opposing FW Team) jump into enemy high and kill expensive mission runners in FW?

Not saying that is the case here but it seems relevant. :slight_smile: It is how that other FW dude that was number 1 on Battleclinic got his rank.

If CCP fixed that crap over the years… then I will silently back out of the thread.

Board it, set self destruct and go back to your ship. No concord involved. I destroyed 10 or more yesterday that way.

@God_Emperor_Kane to lure concord/police you need to make criminal act. Problem is that this ships are just left in space without any reason.

Is think this is what happened in the majority of cases, I did a fair bit of it myself.

Faction police… learn the difference.

There was a way to keep faction police and away from you while you are in highsec as part of the “enemy” faction warfare. Giving you time to engage and attack a missioner or somebody in an expensive ship in highsec on the opposing FW side.


Bashing or shooting neutral scavengers while others looted, was fun. :smiley:

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