Corvette-Shuttle Pairs In Lowsec

I’ve been running around lowsec and I scanned down stuff with a Hecate. I scanned down two ships, a corvette and a shuttle. Since low scanning skills I can’t scan the shuttle. I warped into the corvette, killed him, and the shuttle was ~300km away from him. I burned towards him and killed him as well. I scanned again, there was another pair. I warped, I shot the corvette, and I burned towards the shuttle. My killboard is there if anyone wants to have a look at them. I’m not sure if they’re actual people who just happened to be doing the same thing or coordinated bots. (I can see that they’re in player owned corps, confusing me even more).

So… not really sure what you’re after here… if you think they’re bots, report to CCP, um, otherwise congrats on the kills I guess?


:red_circle: Check for destroyed abandoned Upwell structures in the system. Abandoned shuttles and rookie ships litter grids of such destroyed structures everywhere. If you want to have a look at such a scene, go to Vuorassi. Niarja on Kaaputenen gate might still have some as well.

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Sometimes people just leave crap in space, on the way to Jita there aer about 15 Ibis just sitting in space. But I kow ive done it a couple of times too just for shits and giggles.

As @Zhalyd_Lyehin said these are almost certainly the remnants of a popped structure.

I see! Thank you!

“they” were empty ships , which still produce a killmail. you can tell because no pod comes out when you blow them up. :slight_smile:
and you see bots … :slight_smile: coordinated ones , at that . :open_mouth:

No actual player is just going to sit there and let you burn towards them from 300km away in low sec…

Bait does…

I have some “tourists” that i thought I’d leave for someone to find.

Hope they don’t starve, they could be anywhere.

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