Sensor Ghosts

Sitting in an ESS, I ejected from my battleship into my frigate to go retrieve the loot from a recent kill, reboarded the battleship, and…

The frigate remains in space. I’m looking at it. It’s also on DScan, the overview and even has a probe signature. It’s ALSO back in my frigate escape bay.

CCP what do? This a bug or some weird artefact?


Kill it to find out if it is there or in your bay. :wink:


I just did

Load its cargo hold with plex and then try to reproduce the issue.

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it’s glitched. I shot the thing, blew it up. Didn’t show on my KB. Still on grid. Can still lock it but can’t web it, shoot it or board it.

I think I broke EVE. Or won it. Or something.

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It sounds like the old glitch where you could scoop empty pods to your cargohold.

I actually still have a couple of those floating around.

Unlock it, tab to another overview & tab back it normally fixes it.

Been seeing pods on d-scan in many systems with several accounts…but the characters are not in local? hmmm :thinking:


I see dead people.


gave you a like cause you made me chuckle, despite my very rough RL today.

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You can make it, Max! I believe in you.

File a Ticket.

Not sure if this warrants a “stuck” to get it looked at quickly,
but you definitely need to file a ticket for this one.

Also don’t do any intentional item-doubling whatsoever, ever, for your own profit.

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I just lost my wife, I feel it.

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What? Where??

(you’re not joking, are you? D: hugs man. lots of hugs.)

not joking. She slipped away in her sleep four days ago.

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■■■■ D:

Lots’a hugs, mate. :frowning:

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16 hours later the ghost of the astero is still on grid, we’ll see if it’s still there after DT.

Hm. Reminds me of this particularly chaotic post on reddit.
Took me a while to find it.

It’s not about the image, but he kept updating a post with what’s happening.