"Your ship has been salvaged"

Made a new alt, as one does, got Trig standing on it and as I self destructed in Pochven space to get back to Jita I suddenly got an extra mail and a GM opened a message saying my first destroyed ship was reimbursed and was now sitting at my home station.

Ehhh, not so sure if that is what EVE needs.


They’re still working on the NPE so I assume it’s something to do with that? Looks like it was returned as a new packaged Heron and not, for instance, intact with modules or anything.

Darn, I should have thought to get blown up when I tested the NPE recently. Now I’ll have to test it again in another month or two.

It has the non-dropped modules on it. No idea when they introduced this but it can’t be too long ago, might indeed be since the AIR NPE.

Wow. Seems like somebody’s steering for a “kinder, gentler EVE”.

That’s not gonna end well.


CCP is being pro-active in helping to retain new players.

Their studies have shown that the first ship loss is ‘The Magic Moment’ of when a new player decides to stay or quit the game. Getting their first ship loss returned will hopefully encourage them to stay and play…


That is certainly possible, and hopefully they’re prepared with some data-mining to determine if it helps or not.

Myself I think it may set up unwarranted expectations of how EVE is going to work for them in the future.

In a proper test, we’d have a group getting their first destroyed ship back, a group getting an email or an Aura pop-up lesson explaining that “you’re immortal, dying is part of EVE, ships are disposable and replaceable and it’s your skill and knowledge of the Eve-verse that makes you a better pilot”. (And a control group, of course.) And then compare the retention data.

Somehow, I doubt that’s gonna happen though… CCP will just pick whatever method won the last round of donut-fueled theorizing.

They’ve done that before, some people getting the new stuff and others don’t. I just hope that they don’t do it if a character’s first death is a 2 billion CNR because that would cause… issues.

Did you get the insurance payout too? Because if so…

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Yup, did.

It’ll just shift the magic-moment to their next loss.

Even though the mail says they deducted the insurance payout?

I got 120k Insurance but the ship wasn’t insured to just base payout. No idea if something was actually deducted, not without a bit of effort anyway.

Check your wallet to see if the insurance payout was reversed.

Nope, just one entry. I’ll do some more testing.

Dropped ones should be in the item hanger if they didn’t get looted even

I suicided at a safespot in Pochven and saw no probes on Dscan during that process so no one could have looted or salvaged the wreck. It’s just the ship with a few fitted modules. I’ll do some more testing on other chars to see what happens.

But the first ship loss ( and capsule loss ) is actually in the new intro to the game…though with an alt you can avoid that intro. There are also compulsory ship losses in two of the level 2 military missions. So simply getting as far as military level 2 you have 4 losses already recorded…that you cannot avoid.

Update: I tried it on several characters over different accounts (including fresh ones), it never happened again. Either it’s super RNG or it’s tied to a GM being on call to do it manually.

The insurance is exactly the same for all of them: 120K.

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Either you’re just dense or simply trolling.

The NPE doesn’t count because it’s a scripted learning tutorial and the player has extremely limited control.

The Advanced Military Career Agent missions also don’t count, those ships are given to the player and their loss is forewarned / scripted into the mission briefing.

The main thing about it is that those ships don’t cost the player anything, no time or ISK was invested for those ships which means it’s not a devastating loss, that’s what ‘The Magic Moment’ is about.


You sure like to make things up and put them in CCP’s mouth.


Ok, so this is what I do.

Each morning I make ten new characters and Omega them. As soon as I can, I skill inject into a Marauder and fly it into the NPE mission system where I self-destruct. This gets me a newbro crybro replacement marauder from CCP, plus the insurance payout (I always do the highest insurance possible). I then make a support ticket, and complain that my computer glitched out, this also gets me a Marauder as CCP doesn’t check whether I already got one. I also link my killmail in Rookie Help with a sadface, this will get me 2-3 additional Marauders from wellwishers. For an hour’s work each morning, I am up 20-30 Marauders, which I sell in Jita (but sometimes I take them to Amarr). I also extract all the skill points, which become free skill points after I complain to CCP customer service and get all my PLEX back so I can omega new characters. It’s pretty easy isk/hr. I then track who buys the Marauders and shoot them (I have dedicated ganker alts for this purpose).