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(Runa Yamaguchi) #1

Not sure this goes here but what the heck…

Player owned customs offices (POCO); when destroyed, is there a wreck to salvage?

Please note I am not talking about loot/drop.


(Scarlett LaBlanc) #2

It’s been three years since I killed a POCO, there was no wreck then.

(Runa Yamaguchi) #3

Ya I’m guessing they are like the older POS sticks…just a pretty boom and that’s it…

I’ll know in about 33-36 hrs :wink:

Will report then…


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(Sere O'Asis) #4

I’ve never seen anything to salvage, and the most recent one I blew up was yesterday.

Citadel wrecks you can salvage.

(Runa Yamaguchi) #5

I do believe you are right…yet another way CCP discourages destruction…:sob:

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(Scarlett LaBlanc) #6

How is that?
You destroy the POCO you do get something. You get control of the planet when you replace it with your own.

Not everything should be some type of piñata You bash for goodies.

(Runa Yamaguchi) #7

Assuming a “fair” tax rate, there is no point in bashing a station as you are not being blocked from the planet in any way.

I’m not asking for a piñata but rather a bit of consistency…ie something goes boom, it leaves little bits behind.

(Scarlett LaBlanc) #8

Understandable, but since the POCO is made entirely of PI materials (aside from a single capital construction part) I don’t know what could drop.

Might be nice if the loot fairy could offer you a selection of what ever PI was stored in the player sections of the POCO when you killed it…

(Runa Yamaguchi) #9

Ooooo…you’re going to hate me…1st post.:crazy_face:

IMO about 10M+/- ISK of wreck should be salvageable…

(Scarlett LaBlanc) #10

No hate here. Was genuinely trying to be helpful.

(Runa Yamaguchi) #11

I know and it’s appreciated.

IMO everything should have a wreck to salvage…everything does not need to have loot drops (POCOs and your point is 100% correct),

My remark about making things safe was just to point out that will little to gain, why would a PI corp even bother to WarDec (now 100M), have an Upwell (say 1B) and the DPS ships needed plus skilled pilots to use them (about another 1B) PLUS the new gantry (150m?) when they can just eat the minor tax as they will get nothing else with the wreckage/drop…

Nice and safe…:face_vomiting:

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(Runa Yamaguchi) #12

Well Live and learn…

I read this wrong:

In order to reset the reinforcement cycle, the Customs Office Shield must be repaired back above25%; note that it exits reinforcement with 0% shield.

I falsely assumed that “must be repaired back” was a ACTIVE job on the part of the owner of the POCO but no, it does that automatically. The shields start recharging from 0% and once they hit 25% the cycle restarts.

These things are tougher than stations…ridiculous.

See you all in another 36 hrs…lol…:clown_face:

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(Runa Yamaguchi) #13

Sorry forgot to mention that yes, confirmed. No salvage.

Thanks again folks…

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