Finding salvagers to split mission wreck values with

(The Larold) #1

Over the last few months, I’ve tried joining the Pro Synergy Channel and the Free Wrecks channel to see if there are folks in my area interested in looting / salvaging some L4s where I’m just in the mood to kill stuff.

There’s never anyone there; I never get any responses. Maybe I just play at odd hours.

Is there any channel or resource that has a fairly consistent availability of folks who do the whole salvage-and-loot-your-mission-give-you-part-of-the-value thing?

(DeMichael Crimson) #2

I don’t know of any salvage oriented chat channels other than what you listed. However you might try offering your wrecks in local chat. Might get some players interested if you advertise in the starter systems or possible even the Trade Hub systems.

(Do Little) #3

The profession doesn’t seem to attract Omega players. Maybe CCP need to consider adding Ore Industrial 1 to the Alpha skill set so they can fly a Noctis.

(Piugattuk) #4

Salvaging use to be good income, I’ve noticed that the pickings seem to be slimmer as far as the value out of them, loot too, depending on the mission rat I sometimes go back to salvage, most of the time now I won’t.

(Skander Parzival) #5

Well just give a mail to me if you are doing lvl 4 missions. You can also bookmark the location and give them via contract. I’ll be happy to clean up

(The Larold) #6

Yup - indeed salvage value has gone downhill over time. Someone once listed the only L4’s they thought were worth looting or salvaging, and indeed, their list seems to hold true. Gurista, Serpentis, and even Angel loot + salvage all seem to be consistently getting devalued over time. (Which I guess means simple market saturation.)

Maybe we just need some more gigantic player-built structures to be added to the game, and their requires consist of all the crappy mission T1 salvage parts out there. :slight_smile:

(Chainsaw Plankton) #7

last I knew pro synergy was only active in Lanngisi as I’m guessing that is the only hub with enough volume for them to have constant work, but no idea what they are doing now, haven’t even looked at their offer in years.

(Mr Lopez) #8

Salvage got wrecked hard with tiercide and module reprocessing nerfs. I personally only go out of my way to loot/salvage OeM wrecks. Npc drop almost no modules anyway. People complained about the isk faucets so they punched highsec in the face.

(GinBar) #9

Serpentis salvage is quite valuable. Serpentis blockade lvl4, serpentis extravaganza lvl4 missions will yield 20m salvage, those lorentz stuff is good for t1 industry rigs.

(The Larold) #10

It must be the loot (module / ammo) values I’m remembering. I think when Citadels came along there were some lorentz-thingies that went way up in value on the salvage side, but I just have not seen a lot of value coming from Serp mods/ammo.

(system) #11

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