Pro Synergy is back!

Hello fellow pilots!

We are proud to announce that services of Pro Synergy are coming back!

Missioning? Let Pro Synergy salvage for you. You’ll get 45% of your loot’s worth at estimated prices for no effort on your part. Simply abandon your wrecks, share the bookmark to Pro Synergy, and a Pro Synergy salvager will scoop up the loot and salvage. We loot, salvage, transport and reprocess. You only need to share your bookmarks to Pro Synergy and get paid. Easiest ISK you’ll ever earn.

Join us in our public channel : Pro Synergy

Since update on how bookmarks shared we had to change process a bit. Now we have Shared Folder for each Office. If you want your wrecks to be worked on you will have to request access to one of them and after that you can create bookmarks for us! No need to contract them.

Since restoring service isn’t fast job we are currently working only in Lanngisi Office ( Lanngisi III - Moon 2 - Sisters of EVE Bureau ) But as we gain back our fleet of salvagers we are going to bring back Osmon and Apanake!

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I believe this kind of thing is supposed to be posted in the Services forum, since it isn’t a discussion post. You can edit the forum category by editing your first post.

You right! Edited.

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