A new type of interface and/or market for salvage BMs

I think there are a lot of mission runners like myself who abandon a lot of wrecks because we can’t be bothered with it. I drop a MTU to get the loot, but usually leave the wrecks behind. I bet there are a lot of people who would spend some time and take all the wrecks’ salvage. A common middle ground would be a good addition to this.

I understand something like this would take some work, but with as much mission runners as there are, I think it’d be worth it. I’d like an interface to just drop a salvage BM or maybe an auto generate if ‘abandon all nearby wrecks’ is used and we decide when it goes visible to the rest of the game - with sub settings for: visible to fleet/corp/all-public. Also, something like this should be self-auditing, i.e., it will give an estimated market value of the wrecks in the pocket; doesn’t have to be super accurate. Reason being, so we can show that it’s confirmed by the servers to actually contain salvageable wrecks and also show an estimated time to de-spawn too.

Lastly, and this is the big one, it’d be cool to attach a ‘finder’s fee’ sorta speak, like the person who posts the BM gets a percentage of the wreck sales when items sell on the market.

Yeah, this’d be predominately used in hi-sec, but still, we have people who leave wrecks behind and don’t really want to salvage, and then we have people who don’t do missions that much but would salvage if the have enough blue wrecks to do so with. Right now, we just drop BM’s in space and abandon and that’s pretty much our system.

There was a corp called Pro Synergy, which bridged the gap between mission runners and new players. I’ve had a few talks with the CEO and he said that it’s working so well that he barely has any time for anything else. He probably burned out and did not see the potential for making this a request.

Back then the prices for salvage also were better, which brings up another point. Any mission runner not actually looting and salvaging helps keeping the prices just a tad bit higher.

This is one of those things that can and should be done by players and also one of those few things where I believe that, when the players prove that it actually works, it should be cemented into game mechanics.

The ball would be on you to provide proof that it works in today’s age and then you’d actually have a LOT more ground for requesting such a feature.

Any feature like this would be used to find and gank mission runners.

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I’m confused. You sound like you’re trying to bring up an argument against his idea …
… yet massively fail at actually delivering one.


And to expand on that:

  • Pro Synergy could have been used for the same, but didn’t.
  • You’re implying there’s thousands of gankers out there, which there aren’t.
  • It’s not particularly hard finding mission runners in general.

Alright, yeah. I forgot to mention this in my OP, but two things:

  1. The probe scanner interface is probably the best way to implement this, 100% resolved, no need to scan, when wrecks go blue, add a new unique filter for this.

  2. Is NOT visible if the mission pocket is still active, only after the mission is turned in. So basically gankers would have to otherwise scan down with the method we have now.

So a ganker would possibly drop in on a T1 salvage fit hull and almost likely have to suicide kill a ship guaranteed to be worth less than the gankers ship.

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