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I was chatting to a fellow member of Eve Online about Salvaging, I do Industry mainly building ships etc, have done for 7 yrs, I notice salvaging gets missed a lot in various updates, some of us enjoy salvaging so here’s my idea.
We can probe down a New Wreckage Area Signture with discovery probes in space where Battles have been fought so to make Good profit on various items even stuff for P.1,
It would make salvaging more interesting, also salvaging from ratting should be better as my friend said instead of gaining 1 metal we gain x 5 instead, and better alloys.
Just an idea that would make people who salvage a more interesting and profitable income.

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I was about to say I like it, but you arent talking about discarded wreck fields are you, your talking about spontaneously created areas, arent you?

I get accused of “stealing” when I salvage something profitable, what you think about that?

Also are either you or your friends Salvagers by trade? Just asking.

I build everything up to Capitals, I belong to a Industrial corp, 2 of us build I am the only one that salvagers, I think its a good idea, I’ve not come across wrecks in space unless its a mission I’m talking a new section where you can probe scan a wreck site, data and relic sites give crap items in low sec and high sec, I’ve never looked at null and WH

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Well of course, its your idea.

Why not just make it possible to probe current wreck sites in some way?

Dont get me wrong, I do feel standard Salvaging does need a buff.


Thankyou im glad you agree on thats a long awaited venture

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Considering the number of wrecks I leave behind, this would be a good venture for someone more patient than I.


Its certainly something CCP needs to address

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No, go away,

The reasoning behind them never adding that was because it could be used to find the players in those sites, but since they are going to try to kill the game, no reason not to add it now!

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I’m against creating another resource from thin air with all my possible fingers.

People don’t salvage don’t yield big isk/h. Creating t1 salvage items from nothing will only bring prices even more down and make this activity useless (another resource wars). To make salvage doable activity again we need to put more demand for it, not make more supply.


What? If a player is in the site its currently the only way to find the wrecks. Thats what Combat Probes are for.

To make (HS)Salvaging/mining more interesting/profitable CCP will have to either starve the market (reduce yields) or introduce more sinks or both.

For a long time there use to be 3 different types of Exploration / Hacking sites available, one of which required the use of a Salvager module. That site had cans to hack that contained T2 salvage along with a dozen to 2 dozen wrecks in the site that gave T1 salvage.

And your point is?

Creating more salvage and people salvaging will only drive profits down.

Discussions this past year at CSM was T2 salvage drones. I don’t agree but wouldn’t protest the addition due to skill progression for skilled salvage characters.

My point is for a long time there was in-game content specifically created for a Salvage career that provided salvage materials out of thin air.

This already exists.

In terms of lore, relic sites are sites of historical battles that can be salvaged (using a relic analyser) to get salvage materials. These mats are the same as those you get for salvaging wrecks.

Oddly enough, years ago relic sites also needed a salvager for certain cans. This is why T1 exploration ships still have a salvager bonus.

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Well, it’s been quite a while since I’ve run those sites so what still exists, sites with lot’s of wrecks floating around cans filled with Salvage materials?

What I was referring to was the fact that there were originally 3 different types of sites available even though the scanner only showed 2 different designations for those sites. When CCP updated exploration and scanning, they changed the sites as well as the game mechanics pertaining to those sites.

  1. Hacking sites were originally designated as Radar sites in the scanner which required the use of a Codebreaker module to open cans in the site. Those sites were renamed Data sites and the module is now called a Data Analyzer.
    Loot before the change =
    Datacores, Data Interfaces and Decryptors for T2 BPC Invention
    Racial Encryption Methods skill books
    Blue Print Copies for T2 items and T1 Faction items
    Manufacturing components for COSMOS and T2 Blue Print Copies
    Mission-specific items for COSMOS missions

  2. Archeological sites and Salvaging sites were originally designated as Magnetometric sites in the scanner which required the use of a Relic Analyzer and or a Salvager module to open cans in the site. Those sites were renamed Relic sites and no longer require a Salvager module, only a Relic Analyzer module is needed to open cans in the sites.
    Loot before the change =
    Research Technology skill books
    T1 Faction items
    T1 and T2 Salvage materials
    Mission-specific items for COSMOS missions

i would like to see sites Dynamically spawn based on the number of Expired Wrecks (ones that D-spawn, not that are salvaged).

3 classifications:

  • abandoned debris field (small)
  • abandoned debris rift (medium)
  • abandoned debris Expanse (Large)

-site would not be racially specific but would spawn x to x number of random wrecks.

-Diamond Salvage NPC fleets “could” spawn (smaller than mining fleets. 1-3 salvages with a single escort).
-spawned NPCs would once spawned, remain in space until then following down time
-diamond Salvager NPCs accumulate salvage for each Wreck they salvage (like mining barges & ore)
-Normal NPC drop tables apply for diamond NPCs and wreckage’s in the sites…
-Faction wrecks can spawn in the site with pirate faction drop tables applying (on wreck access)

any site could spawn in any system that meets it requirements but is not guaranteed.
Eg; Dodixie might spawn 1 large site or several smaller sites.

a spawn would occur when ever the wreckage thresh-hold is reached.
the thresh-hold resets to a random S/M/L each time a site is spawned

site specific modules could be added as possible loot drops (from diamond NPCs)
like faction salvage and scanning modules. Skin boxes from wrecks (discontinued skins)

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Just give us the ability to probe wrecks, it wont require such recoding