A little idea for salvaging

Salvaging is a neat option to gain resources to build rigs as static bonus to be equipped on ships.

It is a for me welcomed income when ratting or doing combat missions, and it fits a certain „cannibalistic machine narrative“ (machine feeds on dead machine to get stronger).

Then again I feel it has not yet reached a kind of final form.

In a way it might not have evolved far enough as we could possibly cite a zerg scientist.

It is a closed ecosystem, with wrecks, salvage, specific blueprints and rigs.

Wrecks come from ship destructions and if not salvaged they disappear into thin air, which means they have a certian harvest window. That in my opinion is fine.(And does mean the eve server doesn’t get cluttered.)

Basically it doesn’t necessary need an incrementation unless one thinks about piracy and violent looting. One possible question is how do the lawless aquire resources for their massive fleets if not mining asteroids, „enslaving“ asteroid miners or bribing asteroid harvesting corporations?

There is a different narrative picture related to salvaging in the movie Titan A.E..

Slavaging for possible industrial resources.

If merging this picture with eve salvaging on might end up at something amusing, pirates shoot ship, pirates destroy ship, pirates loot ship and salvage a pre form of industrial minerals to retrieve minerals for their own fleet production.

Now if following this picture one would wonder what could that pre form of minerals and funnily there is already something among all items in eve.

Metal scraps.

They even refine to a small amount of tritanium.

Now I do think the current salvager should stay the way it is as he is doing precise chirugicla extraction of damaged components.

However a second kind of rough salvager might be introduced only available on pirate faction stations (perhaps at first). And requiering a specific interface that only pirate faction ships have.

Additionally the item metal scraps get’s expanded to a whole section of the market like ores, minerals, salvage and so on.

For each mineral type metal scrap type is introduced to which they refine.

Each wreck when salvage with the rough salvager has a chance to drop a specific ammount of metal scraps, the type depends on the minerals required to build the original ship.

For example:

Wreck of a t1 frigat type ship: metal scrap types for either tritanium or pyerite or mexallon or isogen.

Wreck of a t1 cruiser type ship: metal scrap types for either tritaniun or pyerite or mexallon or isogen or noxcium or zydrine.

Overall this now provides salvaging with an additionalo machine cannibalistic narrative – out of the perspective of machines »we kill or own to feed on our dead to give birth to our own«.

Now at an advanced stage after introducing this salvaging new type of exploration sites or missions could possibly introduced „salvaging missions“ those lead into ship graveyards populated by rogue drones up to rogue drone swarms.

Overall it is not that of an important idea, a bit can be read through and forgotten afterwards.

In so far I wish all a good time in eve and have fun.

I have advocated in the past for a Rogue Drone Salvage Yard in systems that have enough wrecks that don’t get salvaged (both player and npc) over the course of a specified period of time.

For example, if 100 ships are destroyed and the wrecks left to despawn over the course of an hour, one of these salvage yards would appear in the system as a cosmic signature (not an anomaly.)

As long as the salvage yard is in operation, it would collect more despawned salvage from the system. This would be in tandem with npc rogue drone rats warping in and out of the site to give the illusion of going to collect the salvage.

The site itself would have a central structure that would salvage the wrecks dropped off in the site. The processed salvage and modules from the wrecks would remain in the structure’s cargo hold for a period of time (to allow for players to loot it) until it eventually consumes the salvage which the structure uses to create more drone npcs and to upgrade the site.

The sites will start off at L1 difficulty and scale to L5 with each consecutive upgrade, eventually sending out raiding groups to near by player structures and ships. If CCP desires, the system could even be scaled up to morph into an incursion.

As for the actual salvage mechanics itself, I would prefer an option to make it a bit more active in terms of game play. Not that CCP should remove what’s already in game, but the ability to actively salvage for potential benefits would be great.

I don’t like the idea of cluttering up new types of metal scraps but I do think it would be cool to add 0-5% of build minerals to the available salvage loot (explicitly minerals only). I’d also want a maximum salvaging m3/cycle value that draws from the remaining “salvage pool” so a whole horde of newbies could scavenge some riches from a cap they mobbed, instead of one guy getting a cargohold worth and the rest vanishing. This would mean on a big kill you might get all minerals and someone else could roll all armor plates.
edit: no minerals would be available salvaging npcs

A possible concept here would be to employ something similar to the hacking mini game.

What I imagine is after targeting and starting the salvager a mini game window opens which at the top has a “give me already” choice bar and below the interface for the mini game.

The game rules are as following:

  • a wreck has a maximum of N salvageable cashes
  • if pressing “give me already bar” player gets material from one salvage and wreck disappears
  • else if playing mini game player can get up to N salvage material drops
  • when player has played the mini game N times wreck disappears

An idea for the mini game makes a graphic hint at old strong boxes in form of several circles within each other.

The mini game I imagine has following rule:

  • The central circle represents a salvage cash
  • The outer circles an obstacle to reach it
  • There are graphical markings on each circle
  • All graphical markings on all circles must form a line for salvage cash to loot
  • A player is allowed to rotate circles around the central one
  • Each outer circle rotates in one direction only (clockwise or counter clock wise)
  • Each rotation of an outer circle heatens the salvage cash
  • The player can rotate in steps of 1°|6°|15°|30° for a 360° circle
  • The greater the rotational angle the hotter the salvage cash gets
  • After a rotation three possible events are triggered: bad luck: extra heating of salvage cash; neutral luck: heat of salvage cash stays the way it was after the rotation; good luck: a cooling moment, the temperature of the salvage drops.
  • If salvage cash reaches critical temperature salvaging fails
  • else if symbols form a line and salvage cash is below critical temperature player gets salvage material

To spice things up:

In the process of salvaging the heat of salvage operations might ignite explosive residues.

  • heat amassing in one salvage mini game adds up in the wreck
  • when reaching a a specifc level it can trigger a graphical explosion damging the salvagers ship and destroying other wrecks closer than 6km
  • a wreck destroyed through an exploding wreck might itself explode (triggering possibel chain explosions on wreck fields)

So much on a possible mini game. However a certain complaint eventually arises here that is “This mini game window is unnerving when salvaging”. And then I reckon angry whines because of lost ships might flood the forum.

It might be more interesting, if it were a skinned version of the current project discovery.

ie: Instead of an image, it’s live video of the wreck, and you have to decide what you want to keep and what you want to get rid of. If you’re too far off of what’s actually valuable, all you get is scrap metal. :stuck_out_tongue: Bonus points to ccp for being able to switch between multiple light spectrums and other sensor equipment in order to detect what the wreck contains.

Basically anything to make it a more visceral experience.

So now people leaving their wrecks unsalvaged is a threat to your infrastructure? You had me until this point.

Shrug. This is an idea forum… take what you like and discard the rest.

To be fair… you’d have to leave A LOT of discarded wrecks to get to an incursion level threat. And if you’re actually living in an area, it’s likely your people would deal with the salvage yard before it upgrades into a threat to your infrastructure.

The idea behind the mechanic is mostly to not let farmers over farm certain areas without consequences.

At the lower stages, it could just be an increase in rogue drone anomalies / sigs. But in areas like highsec mission systems, where people just crush the npcs and don’t salvage, you’d quickly find those mission systems swarming with rogue drones until someone scans down the yard.

Not necessarily if a rogue “drone food rating” is introduced depending on hull size i.e. frigat 1, cruiser 100, battleship 10 000 and minimum level for rogue drone appearance (let’s say 20 000 000)

Then again introducing a automatic defend zion event seems a bit over the edge to me.