A suggestion to add to salvage of ships

I would suggest that Eve add to the salvage options for ships one where the player could actually salvage and repair a ship. That is, they can recover the wreck and restore it to use.

To make do this I would limit things to those with excellent salvage skills. That is, level 4 or 5 skills in a number of areas (to be determined) along with needing a larger and well equipped industrial ship to perform the operation.

Once the wrecked ship is successfully recovered and in your cargo bay, you would have to take it somewhere for (expensive) repairs. I assume that an algorithm could be added to the game to determine this cost, but it wouldn’t be cheap and in some cases might not be economically viable.

But this would add yet another very useful, if requiring a serious investment in time, skills, and ship purchase thing players could do within the game. It would also make for interesting PvP and PvE play where a player or group of players are trying to harvest ships for resale from wrecks.
The other would be a player trying to recover a lost ship and repair it to what it was before the loss.
Insurance would be a great help here as it would cover some of the cost of these repairs and might make that option much more desirable to some players.

Right now, when you salvage (and I do nearly religiously) you get a selection of junk from the wreck. I know I would put the effort into being able to salvage some desirable ship were I could repair it rather than buy.

Just food for thought…

its already hella expensive to repair ships in station, for those that don’t realize you can repair for free by tethering to an upwell.

-1 to this idea, it really wouldn’t add anything to the game, because how are we to know what was on the ship before explosion?

Salvaging is fine the way it is.

You do realise how much this would destroy industry right?


So as not to destroy industry, why not a salvager that has a small chance of recovering a BPC but that destroys the wreck either way?

I thought CCP wanted to destroy industry. No?


There is no such thing as “investment” in “time” or “skills” thanks to Skill Injectors.

Trying to suggest a terrible idea and then claiming you’re going to balance it by saying it requires a “serious investment” just speaks to how little of the game you know.

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No. Some people have pretended that’s the case, but really all CCP have been doing is undoing some stupid changes from around 2013, that people got too comfortable with.
And a few slight tweaks on top.

Yeah, this would have serious balance ramifications.

  • It would drive down the costs of ships, which would hurt the incomes of all careers involved in the production chain.
  • It would be a big buff to suicide ganking because they could profit not only from the loot drop, but from the recovery of the hull.
  • It would contribute to groups snowballing in power, as they could not only recover their losses, but profit even more from every enemy ship lost.

how about you can salvage the rigs of the destroyed ship?

How about you can salvage a 7 day temporary skin of whatever skin they had applied.


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Should have posted a Red Dot with a mask on. For as long as it is around it should protect itself from Covid.

Maybe they are the same thing.

‘gun mining’ has a problematic competition with industry and this would be the same.

It’d have to be inefficient to say the least. But, like reprocessing mods for minerals, i can see it being worth it for rarer ships.

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