Salvage rework

Add Salvage ships (tug boats) (different sizes that can hold x # of hulls)

Destroyed ships can now be “tugged” away…
New skills for researching how much minerals and salvage can be taken from a hull,
New skills for researching how much minerals and salvage etc is needed to repair the hull to 100% condition.
New skills to research value of hull before buying it as a hull on the market for either reprocess or rebuild.

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Get yourself a Noctis? 4 tractor beams and 4 salvagers. Move the wrecks wherever you want, just not through warp.

Salvage yield should not be affected by skills, it is specific to the ship being salvaged. This is better for the distribution of components by content difficulty and security region of space.

Wrecks should never reward minerals. This was learned from Rogue Drones long ago.

Allowing wrecks to be preserved and sold just devalues the already low value of most salvage. Salvage on location or don’t.

Allowing wrecks to be rebuilt significantly undermines the market and devalues blueprints.




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Brun Warbear nailed most of the points. Not to mention that in many cases you get more/better quality salvage from relic sites in a shorter time frame than from wrecks anyway.

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To discuss why this is a bad idea you need to understand that EVE requires a balance between creation and destruction.
From there, look at the MER and imagine halving destruction.

Okay disregarding the idea of repairing the wrecks to new, salvage should still be reworked…

I mean you have ships that used millions upons millions in minerals to produce, and then when you come to salvage the hull, you might get nothing at all, I mean if there is a wreck there should at least be some metal that can be remelted into usefull stuff…

Then level and success should determine the amount you get from a wreck, it seems silly that a wreck can only produce 1 unit of scrap metal or no metal at all

no. -1

I disagree. Game mechanics and economy are more important than simulation.

When rogue drones dropped minerals instead of loot it screwed the economy and had to be changed. Ratting in the drone regions became more profitable than mining in terms of the materials market alone.

If you want more valuable salvage you can go blow up more valuable ships. The restriction of salvage to rig materials and not ship materials is deliberate and protects the game economy (there are enough reasons right now why ore and material values are fubar right now).

Salvage supplies the resources to make rigs, and the value of salvage is linked to the wreck, and not skills. All your skills do is reduce the time it takes you to salvage. This allows the distribution of salvage to be very deliberately designed, and isn’t skewed by the number of skill points that move to a specific area. These are good game design choices, and previous mistakes reinforce them. Salvaging is a market completely isolated from the minerals/ships/mods market and it really has to stay that way.

I agree with you on the drones…

What I might not have been clear on was that the salvage was towards player owned ships not NPC ships/drones

Even this significantly damages industrialists.

If you make ships rebuildable it removes the need for multi-billion ISK BPOs, except copies for invention, and would make salvaging preferable to new builds handing the entire T1 ship building market to the small number of PvP groups able to clean up after a large battle.

If you add just mineral recovery you significantly damage mining income.

You also add a massive target to mission runners who tend to fly expensive semi-blinged-out battleships. All those golems become far more valuable to kill because of their potential salvage value. Ganking increases significantly. Ganking of mining vessels and haulers also becomes more profitable despite adding no risk to the ganker, who can also come back to salvage their own wreck to further minimise their costs and increase their profits. So as a salvager, getting your salvage to market becomes more difficult, as you die on the Perimeter gate. Doesn’t matter so much what you’re carrying anymore, your hauler itself is worth more dead, so the risk is more worth taking.

When I salvage, I just use a cheap destroyer (thrasher) fit or a probe fit. It would be nice to have a smaller scale ship that isn’t just a noctis imho.

A ship smaller and cheaper and more agile than the Noctis already is???

Talwar works great. Try this.

[Talwar, Talwar fit]

Expanded Cargohold II
Nanofiber Internal Structure II
Signal Amplifier II

5MN Y-T8 Compact Microwarpdrive
Sensor Booster II, Scan Resolution Script
Sensor Booster II, Scan Resolution Script

Salvager II
Salvager II
Salvager II
Salvager II
Salvager II
Small Tractor Beam II
Small Tractor Beam II

Small Salvage Tackle II
Small Salvage Tackle II
Small Salvage Tackle II

ok i know what OP wants…

OP wants all ships to be wrecked hulks in space, you know like capital ships are.

Hulks that you have to scoop into a specifically designed Cargo/Tug ship and then return to station…

Then you let a group of engineers pour over it and tear it apart for anything useful in an eviorment with gravity and what not increasing chances of getting better salvaged goods.

that being said…

This part, not the end of the world.
The getting increased minerals and repairing them, that’s a hard no.
But changing salvage to be more about grabbing the actual hulls. Not shining a light on them for 10 seconds and it’s done? That could work. Provided the result was still the same (Or maybe a bit more quantity since number of hulls salvaged would drop)

You know the only downside to that is just the presumed technological downgrade from just doing a scanner to something more active.

I don’t know if I would completely leave it out of thought with how moon mining was changed. CCP appears to enjoy adding non-passive elements to passive game features.

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