Junk-Rat Expansion?

As a real life scrapper and EVE enjoyer, I have to admit I find the scope and intersectionality of salvaging to be a bit disappointingly limited. And it has given me an idea I’d like to pass on: what if we could do Junkyard Wars, in space?!
If the wrecks of T1 ships were made to be not only salvageable for parts, but salvageable items themselves, they could be used as required materials with the Invention service.
So essentially you would use up to 3 wrecks of the same class but from any faction as the required materials, and when you hit “Invent” it would randomly generate a fully fitted ship that is a mash-up of bonuses/power slots/features of the three wrecks used. But contrary to the Strategic Cruisers, neither rigs nor modules can be removed without destroying both the module AND the slot it occupied. And in order to receive the “hull bonuses” you’d need to be skilled in all three of the factions whose wrecks were used. And of course all the other relevant skill requirements, cost, etc. for balance.
And the actual visual model of the final ship could be a kit-bash of the three different hulls as well!
I know its a popular meme to say the Minmatar ships look like they’re held together with duct tape and string … but I would love to see ships flying around that actually look like three completely different and recognizable ships all welded together.

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I mean, the fact that you can’t take it apart does mean that the ship can be handled like mutated modules/drones. I feel like wrecks are too cheap an item though, since a t1 wreck usually only has a few tens of thousands of isk worth of salvage in it. It sounds like a cool idea, but I’m not convinced that it has a niche worth the programming time though.

The op’s suggestion is a bit much… but there has been an idea floating around where wrecks that despawn naturally spawn in a rogue drone site that’s set up and a junkyard. the site salvages the wrecks leaving the salvage in a central hackable hub within the site.

If the site isn’t taken care of, it would get larger and eventually start a rogue drone themed incursion.

Cannot even imagine the balancing headaches this would produce.

Again, the ship graphiccs of Eve would not really work well with massivly random kit bashes between som many varioations of ship.

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