Salvaging Service for Mission Runners

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CEO Salvaging Solutions

Increase your ISK/HR by spending less time on Salvaging & Looting.
Work with us to Increase your Time Spent on doing Missions

You never cared about wrecks? EVEN BETTER!


  • won’t need to haul / sell yourself
  • your MTU wont be forgotten or shot
  • get paid in cash, every Friday
  • increase your ISK / hour

Visit our Webpage * WIP *

45% go to the Missions Runner
45% to the Salvager
10% to our Corp

We will Collect Your Loot and / or Salvage and Track it in our Spreadsheet,
which is Publicly acessible in our Chat channel "Mission Salvaging"

Every Friday you will Receive your Payout

Step by Step

1. Run missions / NO FLEET REQUIRED!
2. Abandon Wrecks / IMPORTANT we wont touch yellow Wrecks, they also cant be Tractor’d
3. Share your BMS / BOOKMARK EACH Pocket - set Expiry 3hrs**
4. We do our Job / We loot & Salvage - While you run Missions - Increasing your ISK/HR
5. receive ISK / After We finished youll receive an detailed Evemail


How can i Trust you?

  • Check the Reviews that People which used my Service left here

Why do you Have a negative Sec Status? You also were in a PVP Corp for a long time

  • Back then i tried out Factional Warfare and Participated in fleets. I Quit Eve for some Time and came back recently. Since i dislike Mission Running, i never bothered to rat forever to increase it.

If you Salvage Pockets of Multiple Mission runners at the Same time, will their and my Loot get mixxed up?

  • No, i will seperate your Loot & Salvage from Others by using freight Containers & naming them.

I am Operation Around Jita,

Contact me Ingame or join the “Mission Salvaging” Channel

In my Ingame Bio you will find more Information o7

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Go to Osmon, offer your services in local. Be fair and build a reputation of being good to work with. yw


You could probably work out a deal where you pass on the loot and keep the salvage for yourself. I don’t think most mission runners care about the salvage.

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funny, i was on my way there :grinning:

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Just take their salvage and loot, and blow up their MTU’s to get the loots in them too!

Your customer interactions will be much more colourful :blush:


Thank you for this reccomendation, Osmon is now my Current Home.


This guy is legit, efficient and feels trustworthy with 100% transparency, but thanks to Xuxe Xu no longer available where I run missions!


Good service, fast and trustworthy. An easy way to speed up your missions.


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I see, I was not wrong about your character.
by the way … you blew up 3 of Tinteex MTUs. You should reimburse them.

No I didn’t. That example of environmental heroism was carried out by my colleague. Credit where it’s due and all that.

They shouldn’t leave their deployables cluttering up Tvink.

This is one service you don’t advertise on the forums, thats why nobody knows that i run the same service in … region.

Solid service with fast turn-around. A+ :slight_smile:

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Was a pleasure!

Payout Processed!

173,76 million isk have been Paid to Mission Runners!

Thank you for the trust.

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excellent, fast and friendly service. will be using this salvaging service from now on, nice bonus to the income from missions and with plenty fair prices to help out the salvagers as well.

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Thank you for the Feedback!

Heres the First Payout of March

Proof of payouts

Have only used the salvaging service for 2 days and have already been rewarded with an extra 33mil isk in my wallet which I would have normally just left to rot in space.

Worth the effort.

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Haven’t used the service myself but seeing the positive feedback so far I thin it is safe to assume it is legit. Just wanted to express congratulations for providing such a service as I myself just leave behind wrecks when I run missions (of course take the expensive loot with me but not the rest) only rarely do I go and salvage, so good to see all that salvage and loot not going to waste so keep up the good work! :+1:

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I use the service for 2 weeks now.

Super legit, amounts in their public google sheet are real. I want to make some adds for these nice guys :+1:

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