Flotsam Recovery Service - Salvage Corp - Salvagers wanted!

Hello there!

Flotsam Recovery Service is a newly found corporation which salvages wrecks for players, we are currently looking for more salvagers.

How it works

  • Players go and clear their mission pockets ,they make a shared bookmark for each pocket and abandon the wrecks and move on
  • We warp in and salvage the wrecks, if any loot is left we retrieve this also
  • Profits are split 50/50 with the client receiving half the value in ISK transfer

Other arrangements can be made to suit the client, if they want to keep items for example.

This can be quite profitable depending on the missions being run and if people decide to leave loot.

Everyone seems to be very excited by the idea of the corp and so far momentum has been great, I’ve tried and tested the idea and it works for everyone, people save time and we make isk, we just need some more salvagers to keep up with demand and upscale!

Find us in game “Flotsam Recovery Service” or join our public chat channel “Flotsam Recovery” new players welcome!

Thanks for reading.


Null sec division when?

The sooner the better! The goal is to be able to have people all over, being able to do contracts independently from wherever they feel comfortable, increasing our area of operations.

I’m sure some of our members would be up for exploring Null & salvage, but I would say we’re currently a while away from it being a reality on a permanent basis

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I would like to join Flotsam Recovery,
I have sent you a request and a evemail.
:smiley: o/

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