Flotsam Recovery Service - Salvaging service for all needs

Hello everyone!

I am from Flotsam Recovery Service a salvaging Corp out of Dodixie.

We have salvagers in and around other major trade hub regions as well so different areas are not an issue.

We are a group of enthusiastic and passionate salvagers who are out there looking to help you make the most of your space junk. ranging from L1-L4 missions to after battlefield cleanups, anything salvage really!

If you are interested or just want more information please do not hesitate to join our Corp channel Flotsam recovery or contact myself in game and we will see what we can do for you!

Appreciate your time,

and as always,

Fly safe out there everyone o7

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If your running any missions no matter the level and don’t feel like having to salvage those wrecks or miss out on those modules. feel free to reach out to us! Located in Dodixie and Hek and surrounding hubs!

Also down in Amarr :slight_smile: