We're hiring Salvagers!

Salvage Solutions- You shoot - we scoop is looking for new Pilots (New Players are very welcome!) that are interested in Salvaging.

What do we do?

We Cooperate with Missionrunners, which means they shoot Stuff in Their missions, We afterwards Salvage the Wrecks and collect the Loot and compensate them in ISK.

This is where you come in - A good way to earn ISK as a beginner.

  • We cover your Insurance
  • We instruct you on what to do
  • We Provide your First starting Salvaging Destroyer
  • Corporation Hangar with Spare Modules and Salvage Drones
  • If you stick around and do good work, we sponsor you a Fit Noctis (80-90m worth)

Here you can take a look into our Spreadsheet that we work with.
Balances and Payouts will be tracked here

We are Currently Operating in Sobaseki but our Main Operating Area is Osmon - we will expand in the future though


Join “Salvage Solutions Recruitment” Channel, or write me (Tinteex) an EvE mail.

fly safe!


Posting in a recruiting scouts and gankers thread… “Contact us to kill your MTU and gank your shiny Mission running ship”… No thanks.

How am i supposed to shoot your mtu if with our service you dont even need to use one?

How can i blow up your shiny mission ship when you share the bookmark after you finished the mission and warped off?

I can tell that your tinfoilhat is glowing red

Check the reviews of players below.


Your Security status and Killboard tells another story…

Well, the People i worked with also say another story :slight_smile:

btw: i tried out Faction Warfare years ago and quit eve.

Last kill 2015 https://zkillboard.com/character/93939404/kills/

go troll somewhere else.

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He is “upping” your post.

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Free Bumps!

You can be sure it is, that’s how you survive in this game.

You gave good enough responses to my arguments.

I feel I’m not trolling.

Your Welcome…

3 new salvagers are flying for us now!

Message me Ingame

Oh dear. This simply won’t do. A fellow scrapper reduced to begging filthy polluting mission runners for scraps.

I don’t know if I should feel sorry for you, or if I should put you out of your misery.

Oh my. Look at that. You can’t even manage your own MTU’s. Three destroyed, clearly abandoned and all on the same day no less. And how will that instill confidence in your potential clients to manage theirs?

I wonder, I wonder…

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bump :stuck_out_tongue:

bump bump bump

bumpus maximus

Just getting back into the game, and looking for a new corp. I love salvaging. You guys ever get to salvage any post PVP action?

Currently we exclusivly salvage loot from missions

we must push the cart

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