Deep Space Scrap and Salvage - Cleaners Wanted

We here at Deep Space Scrap and Salvage pride ourselves on prompt and dependable services. Whenever the means of EvE transportation meets an unfortunate accident Deep Space Scrap and Salvage will gladly salvage wrecks and assist capsuleers in returning to safe space in an expedited manner.

Deep Space Scrap and Salvage Corporation members are from a variety of occupations in EvE. Our services are unparalleled, covering PVP, PVE and Industrial support. Our members services are available throughout New Eden.

Courteous members are always on alert to supply much needed assistance to keep EvE’s transportation lanes free of wrecks.

So why not join our team of veteran prospectors and knowledgeable EvE gurus?



  • Target rich environment
  • Teamspeak3 for voice and Discord for text chat
  • Plenty of ISK making opportunities
  • NBSI

What kind of activities do we offer?

  • Hot drops/Black ops
  • Gate Camps and Roams
  • Lowsec and Null PvP
  • Suicide Ganks
  • Piracy
  • Tear Harvesting
  • Occasional WH

Who is in your player base?

  • Mid-twenties to fourty+ year old bitter vets
  • Former FCs from some of the largest alliances in the game
  • Wealthy Nerds that are determined to make our goals succeed
  • Majority of members are in the 100m SP Club

Requirements to Join?

  • Minimum 5m SP, exceptions made
  • Newer players with a good grasp of the game’s mechanics and Bitter Vets are welcome to join.

Current Goals:

  • To blow up ■■■■ each and every.

Intersted in joining?

Our Killboard:

Our Discord:

I just wanted to drop in and say that we have an incredible group here and our alliance is pretty top tier as well. If you like killing things please reach out.

Really great group to fly with, lots of content to be had! Pop in and say hello!

Daily fleets and lots of content to be had, come give us a try

bumpbump/ Join us for some fun frags

To the top, the only way is up baabbby!

Humpty Bumpty

Killing peeps in a mining barge


bump it up

We are recruiting with daily roams, camps and lots of content to be had, all players can apply.

To the top, recruiting players of all skill levels come have fun with us

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