Deep Space Scrap and Salvage - Cleaners Wanted!

We here at Deep Space Scrap and Salvage pride ourselves on prompt and dependable services. Whenever the means of EvE transportation meets an unfortunate accident Deep Space Scrap and Salvage will gladly salvage wrecks and assist capsuleers in returning to safe space in an expedited manner.

Deep Space Scrap and Salvage Corporation members are from a variety of occupations in EvE. Our services are unparalleled, covering PVP, PVE and Industrial support. Our members services are available throughout New Eden.

Courteous members are always on alert to supply much needed assistance to keep EvE’s transportation lanes free of wrecks.

So why not join our team of veteran prospectors and knowledgeable EvE gurus?


Based in Placid lowsec we can cover a huge range of isk generating activities together but first and foremost we are a PvP corp. Our salvage teams are always on standby.

Regular payouts made to members for successful clean up operations, put the work in, get rewarded.

Join Channel “Noctis Nation” for more information

Our Killboard:

Our Discord:

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Come join us :pirate_flag: Murder Death Kill

To the top!

A couple fun roams!

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Come say hi!

Come aboard. Plenty of salvage to be had.

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If you want to join an active corp full of fun people look no further!!

Our kill board shows it all!! Daily roams and great small gang action to be had, drop into channel “noctis nation” and have a chat with us.

We have been having some awesome roams with some awesome dudes. Check the kills out!

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We are now a valued member of PLOW, come play spaceships with us!

Loot fairy said no, but a great kill nonetheless, ventures there for added flavour!

No Goons Please


You heard the man, looking for pilots with some skill level

The only way is up!


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