Deep Space Mining and Salvage Coalition. High/Low Sec Corp Recruiting

(Lyra Caedius) #1

Deep Space Mining And Salvage Coalition is an all-encompassing corporation, stationed within the Citadel region, looking for members to fill its ranks.

DSMSC holds a NBSI (non-blue shoot it) policy, and focuses on the PvP spectrum of EVE. While PvP may be the focus of DSMSC, we also enjoy missioning, exploration, manufacturing, and trade.

The goal of DSMSC is to grow into a corporation capable of holding its own during wartime while also continuing to build its assets. We are ambitious and hope to find like-minded capsulers to share in our imminent glory.

All applicants:
-Have a minimum of 5mil skillpoints
-Must have a microphone
-Must be mature
-Api key required

public channel DSMSC

(Kademlia) #2

absolutely shameless little bump… i’m also supposed to say something more about what we’re looking for.

also we don’t have ore buyback program.

ps. the recruiter made me do it.

(Lyra Caedius) #3

Weekly drunk fleets included as well :wink:

(Lyra Caedius) #4

Still looking for people to join our madhouse <3

(Lyra Caedius) #5

Most importantly though, we’re all super chill and hilarious :smiley:

(Kademlia) #6

i’m not hilarious! i’m almost contrary to the concept of hilarious.

in other news; plans for a POS are progressing at the predicted rate too.

(system) #7

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