High/Lowsec PvP corp looking for members

Deep Space Mining And Salvage Coalition is a PvP corporation, stationed within the Citadel region, looking for members to fill its ranks. We operate within the US/EU time-zones.

DSMSC holds a NBSI (non-blue shoot it) policy, and focuses on the PvP spectrum of EVE. While PvP may be the focus of DSMSC, we also enjoy missioning, exploration, manufacturing, and trade when not at war.

The goal of DSMSC is to grow into a corporation capable of holding a strong presence wherever we roam. We are ambitious and hope to find like-minded capsulers to share in our imminent glory.

All applicants:
-Have a minimum of 5mil skillpoints
-Must have a microphone
-Must be mature
-Api key required

public channel DSMSC

recruiter Lyra Caedius
feel free to join our in-game channel or convo me for more information :grin:



As an added bit of info. We use discord for comms and have weekly pvp ops, not to mention lvl 4 missions running almost everyday.

every member in times of war is required to have access to lvl 4 locator agents.

we do help our members get those lvl 4 agents available.

Friendly and helpful community :smiley:

Still searching for people to add to our dysFUNctional game family :wink:

everyone needs to have moist cake on demand.

recruitment still open <3

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