New player looking to pvp with a corp

Hey guys, I am a new player to EVE looking for a good bunch of guys to be in a corp with, like i said im new to the game but i have a pretty good knowledge base so far and am looking to progress while doing PvP. I am in an Eastern Time Zone so i usually game between 6-11pm and use discord as my chatting application.If i seem like i could be the right guy for your corp i can gladly send you an API key upon request

Thanks and have a good one


I suggest you join any corp in the LEEKSWARM Federation, contact either Oakey1 or Tina Mori (both are UK players, same timezone as Eve)

You will get good advice from these guys

o7 electabledragon

Sorry I did not reply to your post sooner, Christmas and all that. But you sound like someone who could be a good fit for DSMSC. We run in the Eastern Time Zone, are new player friendly, and have weekly pvp ops. If you would like to join our in-game channel (DSMSC) or send me a message (Lyra Caedius) I would be more than happy to discuss this further with you :smile:

Merry Christmas!


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