New guy looking for corp

I’m a new player that is learning the ropes and I’m looking for a corporation to join. I’m not an avid PVP player, but I’m not against it from time to time. I’d like to manufacture stuff and make ISK that way. I’m on the US East Coast time zone.

Got a discord ID?

No, I’m afraid not. In truth I don’t really know what that means. I’ll look it up.

How new is new player?

Hi Flin!

I’m with Dreddit, a big old corp that came from originally. We hold a ton of space (with our alliance “TEST Alliance”) in the bottom right corner of the map around Esoteria.

We are a PVP corp with lots of newbie-friendly features. Dreddit has a mentorship program to help you find your niche. We will pair you up with a veteran that can assist with ship fittings, skill training plans, and getting into fleets and Special Interest Groups. We had a very exciting fleet today that killed hundreds of enemy ships. That’s pretty typical.

For new players, we have free ships and skillbooks. Fleets for new players, and we encourage you to run your own fleets as a Fleet Commander by letting you ping "ask the whole corp to come"and by paying people for ship losses on fleets.

We have a tremendous manufacturing and mining group that makes almost everything we need at home. We even make super Capitals! If that’s where your talents lie, we’d be happy to have your help.

Check out for the application process and a link to our public Discord server. Discord is a text chat website/app.

I hope to see you on there. Say hi! I’m Claytonius3 in game and on Discord.

Iron-Fleet Recruiting Check us out

We are a easy going corp with an academy who teaches new players how to play this game. Send me an in-game mail if you are interested (d3l s0l) .

Ashfell Celestial Academy

sup Flin, im going to pm you in game mate, bwill220

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