New player looking for corp

I am a pretty new player looking for a corp to join that is friendly to new players.

Info about me:

  • US EST Time Zone
  • I usually play in the evenings
  • I did all of the career agent quests

I’m still trying to figure out what I would enjoy the most in the game. So far I’ve only been mining and scanning down combat sites and doing those. I don’t have a firm understanding of industry yet but I am working on that. I have never PVPd or done Faction Warfare (yet).

There is a ton about this game that I don’t know, but I am trying to learn more about the game every time I play.

I’m looking for something a little more laid back. I don’t wan to join a corp where they just mine all the time. I can’t always be on voice chat because I’m sitting next to my wife usually when I play. If there is a planned event I can definitely make time for that.

Sorry if I sound demanding but just wanted to make sure I can hopefully find a corp that’s a good fit. I do enjoy the game but I would like to see if I could play with some other like minded people.

Let me know if you think I would be a good fit for your corp!


Hi :wave:t3:
I am trying to build up a community with my start ups corporations. We are few and some new.
So you would not be alone in that regard :slight_smile:
Have a read → The Enlightened #PvE #Industrial #Mining #Faction Warfare #Mercenary work #Piracy & Crime #Policeing #Politics #Democracy #Roleplay #High/Low/00/WH Sec #Faction missions # Citizenry #Social structure #Deathrace #corp/alliance absorption and see if you would like the idea or not. Just reach out if you find us interesting.

GriMM HounDs

Check us out in Game we are newbro friendly and will get you on the right path.


you are welcome with us.

Hey Gene,
DCARI might just have what you are looking for. We have newbies and vets and tons of experience to teach you the tools you need to play and make iskies!!!
Check out our post below for more info!!


Since you like scanning, have you tought about diving into wormholes? If not, thats fine too we can teach you other ways to make isk like abyssals etc.

Feel free to peep our discord and forum post linked below!

From Rags 2 Riches is a corp of old vets training new players, alphas and omegas alike, in the best ways of making ISK in EVE.

  • We train everyone regardless of SP
  • Access to money making WH’s
  • Access to top tier PI WH’s
  • We help you build yourself a farming WH
  • We teach you the ways of the Abysal Space ISK making

Good morning GeneParmesan4 would you be interested in joining a start up corp where we will do abit of everything from pvp and wars to indy and missions if your interested join the discord and have a chat with me THE GRAVE YARD

We are building brand new corp based on team work and having fun. We have a few Vets. and New bros as a core group. We are an indi corp that spends most of our time HS and WH mining. We have our own C4 for harvesting and ratting. Come join us We teach you the way.
We Offer
Daily fleets with boosts
Bp library
C4 Or HS life… or both
Corp Buy back
LvL 4 missions 1 jump from home
Team first mentality
Corp fleets with ships and wages provided

Stop by our in game channel PR-UN and say Hi

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