General newperson looking for a home

I understand the base mechanics, but with the database on eveuni, i realize there’s still a ton to learn… probably years… .that’s not counting time to train the damn skills. though i just wanna be a pirate… if i ever get isekai’d into eve i wanna be a pirate… so i know i get all the bitches.

anyways, I’m not really sure what i’m looking for. Probably somewhere that needs an extra 2.5 player[no i haven’t play 5e… convince me ;)] maybe play some other style too… say mass effect or homebrew starfinder.
I’m trying to figure what the whole pvp deal is, but i’m slightly afraid to lose a tenth of my wealth to learn that i suck with no clue how to reasonable re-obtain said wealth.

Just want a community that’ll learn me eve and maybe teach me why i’[m a ■■■■ at several other games.

USTZ CSTZ, like chicago time, ■■■■ the rest

I figure it’s easier this way… seeing as there are an abundant of timezones to cover.

We have loads of US TZ , can give you a home, and teach you how to pvp.

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