Newbro looking for home

Hey all, Im just Corp shopping.

I’m a newb, only 1.4M SP, Omega.
So far I’m liking Eve, but, as in most games, I’m impatient and prefer to learn by jumping into the fire. I’m looking for a group that wont mind showing a newb the real ways of the game, I’m down to help with whatever I can as well. In most games I’ve played, I generally turn pvp / pirate eventually, so im hoping to find a newb friendly lowsec / nullsec corp.

I’m a grown ass man with grown ass responsibilities, :frowning: , full time job, wife, 3 kids, so my play time and activity will vary depending on what’s going on in life. But I am friendly and talkitive, and will enjoy the learning curve. Hit me up on here or on discord Phantom11C#5878.

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So far 2 “grown-ass” men in it. One with 2 kids (me) and the other with 3 sets of triplets WAT!

I’m newer to the game (nearing a year) and my mate has over a decade of experience. We’ve got support from our Alilance and Coalition along with many other friends scattered about New Eden.

Come build with us and learn with me.

In game Public channel: Salvage Cr3w
Discord at:


While we can’t promise null sec or instant PvP, Corporation 1 are a small group of mature adults building a group of like minded individuals one jump from lovely low sec space. We have a mix of newbros and returning vets (our CEO is in the latter group) and we’re all learning together.

We have very few restrictions and are all aware of RL commitments coming first.

Have a look at our thread on here for our bosses take on things and drop me a message if you’re interested.

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