In Need of a New Home

I am in need of a new home. I have been playing Eve off and on since 2004 and am looking for a new home.

I have lived in WH space and Nullsec, and am really looking for a fairly active low-sec small gang corp. I want to get back to my roots and just roam around and get into fights. No Sov, no blues, no NRDS. Just pure pvp low-sec small gang piracy.

I am currently in US Pacific TZ.

My Toons:

100m SP main - can fly almost all subcaps. Able to fly dreads and carriers.
40m SP Blops focused - can fly panther and Nag.
various other support related toons.

I have an industry character that is in an industrial corp. Not looking to have them leave as that is my main source of income.

Respond here or evemail!

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Bump up. Still looking for a good pirate group!

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