Salvaging for beginner

  1. Just wondering if salvaging is a worthwhile career to have as far as isk?
  2. Would players like to have a salvager salvage their loot and split the profit?
  3. Is there other opportunities for salvaging?

Thank you

Most people who salvage just keep the skills trained on their combat characters, in my experience, and come back to get the goods after big fights and the like. It’s more of a supplementary income than a primary job.

There is a corporation that offers salvaging as a service for mission runners. Check their website for more information.

The complication is alignment between the mission runners and the salvagers since the wrecks only last a couple of hours before despawning.

I’ve heard new players can do quite well cleaning up after ratters in Nullsec but have no first hand knowledge of this.

Some T1 salvage (armor plates, tangled power conduit) are quite valuable but most are not.

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o7 I never salvage (or loot) my lvl 4 missions. Hit me up if I’m ever online- and you’re welcome to help yourself.

I did not know this- thanks for sharing.

just fyi - prosynergy operates in several mission hubs, but I don’t think they go all over to wherever anybody might run a mission. Maybe though, not sure.

I wish I had known about salvaging as a new player. I would have outfitted a destroyer for salvaging and done it.

In 0.0 space talk with the entity controlling the space. In most of 0.0 space they’re probably not going to let you clean up after their ratters unless you are part of their group.


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