Salvager for rat bosses?

My question is simply do rat bosses drop better stuff when salvaged than other rats on level 1 and 2 mssions? I have a spare high slot on my cormarant and although it would be a waste of my time to salvage all the rats (and i dont have the cargo hold) but i wonder if its worth salvaging the odd rat that has a good chance of earning more isk per hour.

Not that I’m aware of.

But salvaging can make up a large chunk of your ISK at the beginning.

do a few missions in a row, each time saving the location of a wreck in each room (if there is more than one room).

After a few missions come back in a destroyer such as a Catalyst with half the highs equipped with Salvagers and tractor beams for the rest. Takes only a few minutes to salvage the field.

In some of the missions the “bosses” as you call them will drop better stuff, or will have better salvage than other ships of the same class (frigate, destroyer etc) but those are the only ones you can count on to have better loot / salvage than the rest. For the rest of the NPC you kill the loot / salvage is determined by random draws from loot tables.

Is it worth your time to loot / salvage missions?
Many here will tell you not to waste your time, that you are better off ISK / LP wise to run another mission instead.
Others like me will tell you that it depends on what you want. If your only concern is making as much ISK / LP as possible then I tend to agree shoot the things you need to shoot and then leave the stuff to it’s own fates in space. On the other hand you may be able to gain enough minerals from loot / salvage to make the ammo you need to shoot things.

My advice is to try both. Run missions for a week, leave the loot / salvage in space and record your income. Then repeat the process for a week looting / salvaging everything and then you will be able to make a decision based on your own experiences. Yes some may tell you that two weeks is to long to waste, my response is that you need a reasonable average of missions and a week will usually give you that.

There is ZERO benefit to looting or salvaging missions early on, as the extra ISK you will make running more missions instead of salvaging will completely overshadow any financial benefit from early mission loot / salvage. Don’t loot or salvage til you get to LvL3 then once at LvL3 “maybe” start looting but still ignore salvage. The aim is to get to LvL4 missions asap so you can start making sort of ok money, distractions on the way there serve no financial purpose, however if you like to roleplay a salvager or have serious OCD knock yourself out.

I don’t know much about missions, but the boss/overseer/faction rats in anomalies. combat cosmic signatures and their escalations tend to drop T2 salvage.

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Maybe not T2 stuff, more like faction and Meta stuff.

I just run a dedicated Salvage Destroyer and drop a Mtu while I’m in the room and orbit that. Then grab it and move along. I usually run 3 sites then pull out my salvager.

[The Janitor, Salvage Catalyst Alpha]
Expanded Cargohold II
Expanded Cargohold II
Expanded Cargohold II

1MN Monopropellant Enduring Afterburner
Small Compact Pb-Acid Cap Battery

Salvager I
Salvager I
Salvager I
Salvager I
Salvager I
Small Tractor Beam I
125mm Carbide Railgun I, Iridium Charge S
125mm Carbide Railgun I, Iridium Charge S

Small Salvage Tackle I
Small Salvage Tackle I

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I also keep a fast Salvage Frig for looting others abandoned salvage that I can’t pull in with the MTU.

[Atron, Fast Salvage Atron Alpha]
Overdrive Injector System I
Damage Control I
[empty low slot]

Small Azeotropic Restrained Shield Extender
1MN Afterburner I
[empty med slot]

Salvager I
Salvager I
Light Ion Blaster I, Antimatter Charge S
[empty high slot]

Small Salvage Tackle I
Small Salvage Tackle I

Yet another example of the plague that has infested EvE Online in the past 5 years or so.
EvE is a game, do whatever you want to do, whenever you want to do it and to hell with how much ISK / LP you make. As long as you have enough ISK to do what you want, when you want you have all the ISK you need. Hell one of the happiest EvE players I know has made less ISK in his 8 years in the game than I do in an average year.

Yes Keno_Skir there are players in this game whose greatest joy comes from making ISK simply for making ISK, if that is what the OP wants then your advice is still worthless because they need to get the hell out of high sec and find themselves a good nul sec / worm hole corp where they can make some serious ISK / LP. If that is not their cup of tea and they want to stay in high sec then they need to hang up the mission hat and focus on trading because I can make more ISK in an hour with my trading character than I can in more than a week running level 4 missions everyday.

I will also point out that your comment misses something that can be very rewarding, even at level 1 or 2 missions and that is being self sufficient. Making your own ammo from the minerals gained by looting and salvaging your missions instead of buying it from the markets can be a very rewarding thing to do.

At the end of the day this is a game and we need to measure our time spent in this make believe universe called EvE Online by how much fun we had. If making ISK is fun then go for it, on the other hand if spending time looting / salvaging level 1 and 2 missions is fun then the OP should definitely do that.


This plague has been playing a lot longer than 5 years.

So it makes no difference if it takes you a week to get enough ISK or 3 months?

He asked specifically about missions, lvl1 to lvl2 actually so i’m not sure why your panties are in a twist about nulsec anomalies. I think they’re just twisted about me :aussieparrot:.

You started your post berating me about how people should do what they want and how i’m a plague for telling people how to make ISK faster, now you’re saying I should answer the question about salvaging by telling the guy to take up trade. Riiiiiight…

I specifically mentioned that if you’re OCD about it or just want to roleplay a little it’s fine to do that, please read better.

Ok well the OP asked a question about the financial aspect of salvaging during low level missioning, sorry for answering him specifically about the financial aspect of salvaging in low level missions. He actually suggested in the first post he was concerned with efficiency rather than fun so very confused where this all came from.

Anyway if you want to vent about plagues in EvE I’m happy to enable you. Apologies OP, some people seem to have an axe to grind and are using your post to do so.

I enjoy picking up loot and salvage after I just ran a few missions. If there is a lot of sites in my system, I kill the rats bookmark the site, warp to the next, rinse and repeat up to 3 or 4 times. Then pull out my Salvage ship and go clean up.

I may be high sec, but it doesn’t make me Isk despite. Shoot all my Mining, I been saving the minerals for months. And the only thing I sell is the junk that I don’t plan to use on my ships.

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Hehas a point, running a few level 3’s is a fine way to make isk but don’t be afraid to push for L4’s, with a mobile tractor unit you can clear and gather a room quick enough. Most ships have utility high slots, with 5 salvage drones and a couple salvagers you can do it all on-the-go. Pilots in marauders get very used to this, I like it a lot better than saving sites and coming back in a dedicated salvager.

The loot is deadspace/faction/meta, the salvage is T2.

Calm down, I don’t think he called you a plague but the idea of ISK maximising. It doesn’t read like a personal insult if you are honest.
And there is a benefit in salvaging L1-2 sites: you learn the handling to become a quick and efficient looter. It’s as always, EvE is a learning game.

Anyway, just a reminder:

I’d say no. I was quite disappointed after salvaging a bunch of cruisers and only got metal scraps. But perhaps it’s the definition of “boss”, because sometimes even a frig can contain nice salvage. But hey, it’s like mining: If you like it, keep on salvaging and enjoy nice findings and the money you get from a nice deal in Jita or Dodixie. If you think it’s boring, don’t do it, there’s many other ways to earn ISK as you can read above.

I didn’t say anything that was anything but calm.

If you learn in LvL1 missions when you could learn in LvL4 you’re missing a trick. Why make less learning when you could make more learning? There is no added danger to learning in LvL4’s and since there’s no need to loot anything less you won’t need the “skills” (haha really) of quick and efficient looting.

In most posts I’ve read you’re quite reasonable. Here you’re aggressive and cocky, as if there was a trigger hit :slight_smile:
Anyway: What trick do I miss? Newbros are just able to perform Lvl1 or 2 missions alone, they additionally can join raids within higher levels of course, but need connections. And now you are suggesting they should leave all the stuff on site until they are prepared for level 4, and thus do not think about looting at all until then. Is that the trick? Do you think they’ll start to have fun then?
Here’s my trick: Get used to looting from the beginning, make it part of a routine (always provided you have fun, of course), and it’s piece of cake later on. I followed a Lvl4 raid series as a looter in a well prepared Noctis, and man I was glad I had the experience in looting to keep up the speed for my teammates raced through all those pockets.
Your point sounds like: “You’re wasting your time”. A strange idea for it’s just a computer game and thus the heart of time wasting…

You haven’t read many then dude. I’m always this aggressive and cocky, toward terrible ideas. You cannot translate that to a loss of temper though :blush: Some people are blunt as well as happy.

I actually assume (obviously again) that grinding missions is not the best fun in the game. Therefor i assume (obviously) that if someone is grinding missions for ISK they will probably want to do the best paying missions so they can have fun sooner, doing what ever it is they’re grinding ISK for. You seem to want him to deliberately practice on worthless loot instead of valuable loot, that is the only difference.

It’s a piece of cake later on anyway, we’re talking about looting an empty field here not something that takes any real skill. Difference is you get money for practicing on LvL4s and bugger all for practicing on LvL1s.

The entire crux of your point seems to be that looting is hard and people need practice before they get to higher missions and are for some unknown reason unable to loot when they get to LvL4 because they missed the practice early on.

Sillyness :blush:

Legit. If you’re salvaging LvL1’s and you don’t plan to do LvL1’s forever, barring OCD or roleplay you are wasting your time.

It may not be level 4 rare blue salvage and higher isk. Salvaging my 3 little dinky sites in high sec I usually get around 5mill in 10 mins.

There is nothing wrong picking up your litter.

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Touchy, touchy, if you are going to take simple comments made on a game forum so poorly perhaps it is time to rethink the priorities in your life.

I started this game in 2009, my son started in 2007 and over the years mission have gone from something most peoploe did to have FUN solo or as a group, to the point now where the vast majority of players actively discourage others joining a mission run because it cuts into their precious ISK / LP per hour earning capability. While there has always been those who min / maxed missions the trend of focusing 100% on that min / max aspect really gained traction in the game about 5 years ago and has been building ever since. And today it is nearly impossible to find a topic about missions here or on any other EvE related forum that does not contain one of more comments related to the min / max ability of whatever is being discussed.

That is essentially correct it simply does not matter how long it takes to make ISK IF you are having fun while you are doing it.

That comment has nothing to do with you. It is a simple statement of fact.
If ISK / LP is the reason you are running missions then you need to stop running missions because the payouts suck compared to other options. I can make more money in 1 hour ratting in null or running sleeper pockets in a worm hole than I can in a week of blitzing level 4 missions in a min / max fit ship. But then in a good week I can make more ISK market trading than I can ratting in nul or running sleeper pockets so even they are terrible if ISK is your primary goal.

I was not berating you I was in fact berating the terrible min / max plague that has infested EvE over the last few years.
No one wants to talk about experimental mission fits anymore because the most profitable fits to fly for every single mission in the game are well known so why waste time with experimentation.

No one wants to talk about differing techniques or approaches to completing a specific mission, again because the least time consuming method is known and no one wants to deviate fro that because it reduces the ISK / LP per hour aspect of running missions.

Perhaps the biggest indicator of just how badly this ISK / LP per hour plague has infested EvE is group mission runs, or to be more precise the nearly complete lack of group mission runs. In times past people actively sought out others to join a mission party simply because it was more fun to fly as a group and BS while you were doing it. Today people actively discourage mission fleets by refusing to send or to accept invitations to a mission running fleet. People even actively discourage conversation on comms because it risks lowering their ISK / LP per hour.

In the initial comment the OP asked specifically about the “bosses” and whether they drop more in loot like they would in other games, he further questions whether there is any real gains to be made by seeking out those “bosses” to loot / salvage. You cannot even answer that simple question without expanding it out to cover the entire spectrum of level 1 to level 4 missions with comments along the way about how the “goal” is to get to level 4’s because that is where the best ISK per hour can be made. And then you wonder why I used you as an example of the min / max plague that has infested EvE?

Kathern, I would appreciate it if you would edit this post, essentially the way this is posted it makes it seem like I was the one that stated there was zero benefit from looting / salvaging and that is not the case. I like you derive considerable enjoyment simply from the act of looting / salvaging, how much ISK I do or do not make from it is entire irrelevant.

Besides that I do not want to be accused of stealing someone else’s post even if it was done in error.

It kinda makes sense that people used to experiment and now the best method is already known. The missions have hardly changed in years so everyone knows how to do them now. I mentioned several times that if someone wants to roleplay a salvager (fun) then that is a fine reason to salvage early missions.

Min/Maxing is a natural product of a conditions remaining the same for long enough.

Excellent point. Seems we agree.