"Your ship has been salvaged"

Obviously you don’t have any common sense, course that’s not surprising since that would mean you actually possessed some intelligence…

Those ships are given out for free and it’s been stated up front you’re going to lose them. It’s a controlled environment, as much as that’s possible in the open sandbox, and there is no real loss. You’re trying to white knight for a very obvious troll (Cilla) which makes no sense. Entirely different situation from losing a ship, you bought or built, “in the wild”.

Not saying I necessarily agree with what they are doing with this but if one can’t see the distinct difference between losing a free ship in the tutorials or losing one later on then there’s not much hope.

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I see what you did there.



Hello friend, may I have a Kronos?

Since I’m an obvious CCP alt, I really don’t like where this is going…


Thank you for admitting he is right and you are only spouting BS.

Or maybe it’s just CCP trying to find out if taking such an action actually has an effect with a correct protocol.

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:ccpfalcon: Non-consensual PvP. :ccpguard:


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I have common sense enough not to put words in other peoples’ mouths and not to make up gigantic assumptions to fit my narrative. :man_shrugging:

So? I want to hear it from CCP.


I agree 100%.

You seriously lack reading comprehension, I didn’t put words in anybody’s mouth.

As was stated earlier, if you can’t tell the difference between losing a free ship that’s scripted in the tutorials verses losing a ship later on that was built or paid for, then you definitely lack intelligence.

It’s clearly stated in the Career Agent mission briefing…
Take your troll posting somewhere else…

And you’re another troll who lacks reading comprehension, go post your BS lies somewhere else…

Yeah I’m still waiting for statements from CCP on this. Do you have any or were you… just talking out your arse?

I don’t remember the Career Agents talking about “The Magic Moment” and player retention. I must have missed it. Can you provide a screenshot, please?

My friend, at this point I think you’re projecting.

OK, I see where this is going.

CCP has stated several times that upon a new players ship loss, that is when they will either stay or leave.

the career agent ship loss doesn’t count as that notion since its a scripted loss.

Where as losing a ship to a gank outside of the career agents is another story.

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Heh, you’re a fail troll and your attempt to twist things around is pathetic…

Yeah, but CCP never said that. Mikey is just assuming it.

mmkay Mikey -pats head- You just c’mon back when you have a source from CCP, y’hear?

but they have said it…

That might sound like CCP Games is going too soft on its players, but the idea is to simulate what Pétursson calls EVE Online’s “magic moment”—that turning point where a person goes from being a noob to a true EVE player. “If you lose your ship and you understand the context of why you lost it and it makes you come back stronger, that is the moment,” Pétursson says.

perhaps not in the exact way as DMC is saying it, but it’s still on point.

Awesome, please provide the quote (because I suspect you haven’t actually read the article… hint: it doesn’t say what you think it says).

understanding the ship loss after the fact, not just losing it and getting another and not knowing why it was lost.

Is this a quote? Do you even know what we’re talking about right now?

ship loss… of a new player… that quote is from the article and what he calls the magic moment…

its not the exact way as DMC has been stating it… but when a new player loses and ship and learns the reason why, how they lost it, that is the “moment”

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k. Literally nothing you said is what we’re disputing here.

lets see.

this topic started about a ship being reimbursed as it was lost.

DMC brings up the subject of ship loss and being reimbursed as the “magic moment”

cilla starts rambling some BS

then you start rambling BS and confusing what DMC is saying and what is and isn’t stated somewhere.

so i provided the link that talks about what the magic moment is and CCP’s new version of “grief counseling” by providing their ship back to them that they lost, and as long as they understand why it was lost, and not just come on here and ragequit whine ■■■■■ whatever, then that is the moment they become a true eve player.

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