What a waste

What a bore, why fly into someone’s mission looking for pvp while flying a ship saying “salvage”, make it blue and they fly off, boring, boring, boorish individuals.


Sounds like a helpful generous person to give you all that loot and salvage for free!

If you want a real trip, suspect-flag yourself and start flying around random belts. About 60% of the miners you encounter will warp to station, dock, and log off.


Find the error


As a courtesy I generally blue my wrecks to anyone who shows up with a salvage ship which they did as I don’t normally salvage and loot anyway, but to then fly off as I blue it because they were just trying to get an easy killmail, that guy/gal should have gone to low sec, don’t be lazy, if you want pvp don’t hunt in high where others are busy earning poverty payouts.

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Exactly! Only deranged sociopaths would try to kill mission-runners. Real PvPers would use an arena filament, or go to null-sec to take part in fleet battles.

Good point, we started setting up orca ice mining fleets and helping instruct them on proper fleet security settings for maximum security. Then our peaceful FC would activate the filament so everyone could mine in peace in random nullsec.

It is strange how much cursing occurs though. Will have to catalog further fleet ops to be sure.

Right? OFC they’re gonna warp out when all the wrecks turn blue.

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