Make it blue!

When doing the drone sites nobody seems to salvage the wrecks, just kill everything and run to the next site, but take a moment and “right click” and abandon so that folks can drop a MTU or use their Noctis to make salvage easy for others.

Be a pal, be a good Samaritan, and take a second to ‘make it blue’.


They are worth about 2.5m isk.

While I like your thinking, its much quicker to do it in a smaller ship and save the Noctis and tractor for better sites

Dear lord.


I despise blue so; sorry.

You must be a blood, you should try crip walking.


While true, not big isk I have seen some newer players salvaging so for them I’m sure it’s prettey good as most likely they won’t see the main drop, many a sites I abandoned the loot from the tetris drop for newer players, means more for them then myself but I love salvage myself, building rigs is part intensive.

I love it too. Have you tried some exploration though? Good salvage in a Relic site

No, I haven’t, did a couple of guristas data sites and got blown apart, so decided to avoid them.

Ah those are the ones with the Exclaimation Point yeah?

Dont farm those ones. Go for the others, much easier.

What are they ghost sites?

Maybe a battleship to survive the opening volley?

No idea. For those I nick one can and run if possible

Yeah, CCP trolled me as I got a piece of carbon for my troubles.

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On Ghost sites i usually enter, hack first can and leave. They have some random timeout before NPCs appear so it’s rarely worth risking.

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Just take the timer and learn crimewatch while youre at it :stuck_out_tongue:

That’e not how it works in this case.

Salvaging a wreck never gives you a flag. Salvage is fair to all. However, you cannot use a tractor beam or MTU to pull in a wreck that is not blue or white to you. And no amount of going criminal will change the fact that you can’t tractor beam a yellow wreck.

So there is no crimewatch mechanic involved.


I think I was getting 2.5 to 3 mill per site when I salvage.

I wish that the noctis could rig a special mod to scan salvage down. I love to salvage, but you have to be on site or scan another player or MTU to find anything.


Exactly. No need to make those wrecks blue.

Its not because it would flag you, it’s being a pal so that salvagers can have an easier time cleaning up…I don’t see the harm in making it better for the community since those wrecks go to waste anyway, I posted the same thing in the last few events…nobody does, kinda sad because it takes literally 1 sec to do.


I like a nice blue wreck

Ah, didnt pay enough attention to realize we were talking about MTU’s, was thinking about looting.