Make it blue!

People who don’t abandon wrecks are litterbugs.

You heard me.


What an entitled lot you are.

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It should simply be possible to tractor yellow wrecks (not by an MTU) but get a suspect flag for it.


Hey, I’m not the one leaving my garbage around the galaxy.

I’ve abandoned wrecks if someone asked me nicely, but while it’s only a click I’m not trained to do it automatically. Maybe I will try to remember it.

Sometimes salvage them myself, though. Got a Venture set up with 2 mining lasers and a salvager so I can salvage the belt pirates my drones just killed. :wink:

I specifically do not blue any wrecks I make because that would eliminate the possibility of some guy trying to rob from me.

I’m gonna go with… no.

I’m not gonna take that one second to click the thing so that you don’t have to drive over there and dig through the garbage. You want my trash, you crawl into the dumpster and dig it out yourself like a good hobo.

Who knows, you might even find a half eaten sammich that’s not even moldy yet.
Super score!

That’s your choice, we all make the world what it is or isn’t.

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