Mysterious Ghost Ship in Traun

So there I was running LV4s in my Mach (Vengeance), aligned out to a celestial and warped once the last rat died. Landed on grid and while I repped up and waypointed home I noticed a pod, sitting 1000km off

I thought that was odd, so I loaded up the info tab,

No pilot, so I searched for the name,
He’s biomassed, this is a ghost ship quite literally.

Not only that, but this is what comes up from the pilot, show info menu.

So that was a creepy moment, anyone seen something like this before?

Oh, and someone tried to gank the pod, it’s in 5% structure but with full shields


Decided to pop it for science

Very weird

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Now you did it.

His ghost will haunt you.


Nonsense, I put the old capsuleer to rest

Bob rest his implants,

Abducted by the Blood Raiders?

And where did the NewFoundingOrder come from while the pilot info screenshot says he was a member of Doomheim?

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Right clicking the pod → pilot → show info

My guess is that he was in NewFoundingOrder before biomasing in space, and his pod somehow ended up stuck there for me to find.

Although his employment history doesn’t say that, maybe his Player ID is the same as that Corp ID

The plot thickens!


Is that 3 Kaiden Kayhans made within a week?

If that was the case then that is some serious hardcore mode roleplay!

This is some 10000 IQ play at making the perfect clean cyno, I can feel it!

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Hi Chribba :slight_smile: You live still

Uh, you need to kill 100 highsec miners or the curse will come for you.

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peach is right
thats the law


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