What is that thing?

Oï !
So, during my daily routing of exploring nearby wormholes, I’ve found this thing floating in a C4 wormhole :


On the Overview, this thing have the icon of a Raitaru, and is surrounded by yellow containers.
I also have the option of docking within it…
Does anybody have an idea of what it is, please ?

Thanks in advance !

Interesting that’s for sure. Maybe Kruul has updated his pleasure hub and moved in, dunno v0v.

I think you can scoop it. Not completely sure though.

Its that building thingie. Some rays should have started coming out of it, building raitaru.

Yep. Raitaru under construction.

Thanks for the indications guys, NOW IT’S MINE !



Nice! :smiley:

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Thanks mate !

Nice find - Naguton, who dropped that then.

Wish the previous owner’s name was on it after you scoop it… just so you can drop him an EVEmail. :slight_smile:

Agreed ^^

Nicely found!

Well Done! :slight_smile:

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Its like finding few dollars on a street I think. :sunglasses:

Thanks mate !

Yeah, you’d like to find them everyday =)

I’m thinking the owner is submitting a ticket claiming he put down a Raitaru and it “just disappeared for no reason”.

GM responds: “Well, I found it and it did disappear for a reason. Stick around next time.”


I legitimately laughed out loud.
Good job.


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