WTS C4 w C3/C2 Statics

J105415 is C4 hole. It’s a Cataclysmic variable. 1.5 billion is the price. It comes with a Raitaru. Lots of dead sticks in the system, no activity as I have lived here for a little while. Message me in game or here. Third party is accepted but you pay for it.


There are over 30 combat sites to run so you could make your isk back quick.


Hi. Is the Raitatu fitted with anything or is it pure structure? Is PI any good in the system?

Raitau is vanilla. I do have fuel that can go along with It. Here is the PI info


Thanks for info. Will be in touch if my corp CEO decides to go for it.

Fly safe

PM me in game pls. I’m interested to buy it.

I will be in game in about 7.5 hours.

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Still for sale

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Still for sale!


Still for sale. Make an offer

Make an offer

Is it sitll available?

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