Found weird item

i came across a item i cant get any info on whatsoever, not on contracts either.


anyone know?

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It’s a thing. It does stuff.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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hasn’t gotten a purpose yet and will eventually get a purpose. but since it has no purpose there is no market made for it yet. so its useless for aslong as the devs are lazy


@wolfstallion Looks worthless to me. I’d throw it overboard if I were you.

There is no future, so its a scam.

Could be related to the new arc, which CCP is remaining tight-lipped about. I would definitely recommend holding on to it.

Where did you find it (please be as specific as you can)?

@DutchGunner @Ashterothi @Prospektor_Schipplock

Also, if anyone starts a discord to discuss/organize story arc related stuff, please at me with the link.


Yeah one can hear the on stage clenching over the internet…

This is an old item. Where to find that, not sure, i have one :slight_smile:

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Notice it says “…might be of value…” like finding a can of Dr.Pepper from 50’s.
It’s spring anyway, time to throw the junk out.

can i have it ?

It’s an old data center thing.

You have now completed the Beizan Picholen mission chain. The mission text suggests that the chain was originally supposed to continue beyond this mission, but the next agent in the chain is not active in the game, rendering Avrue’s Token useless for the moment.

I wouldn’t hold your breath. Unless you want to take a permanent vacation from your meatsuit.

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ironic calling devs lazy when you cba to use google or the uni-wiki. +1 for brainless speculation also .GG

I mean the item has been in the game for yeeaars

Get a station container and name it “Stuff”. Until they start charging us rent by the M3, that is.

Don’t listen to those folk trying to say its worthless junk. They are trying to scam you out of it.


I found this: EVE Online | EVE Insider | Forums

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It’s worth a lot of money…


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