CCP selling special edition assets for $

CCP is selling this special edition item in a 70$ pack.

Not only am I super furious because I have been holding onto this item that realeased with the 10y anniversary edition for over 10 years now… and wanted to sell at 40/50bil
this move also devalues all other limited assets.

Where does this lead to? Will all of these things sell for $ in the future?

  • ‘Nature’ and other rare Tattoos
  • AT ships
  • Faction Forts
  • limited augmentations (cyborg arms and stuff)
  • other limited ‘wardrobe’ items
  • limited other ships like pirate corvettes, guardian vexors, gold magnates, quafe dollar edition…

I have spent billions of hard aquired ISK to get my hands on some of these items. I don’t think it’s right to gatekeep them from players, but there could be a golden pod v2 or just a new similar tattoo.
I think for example faction forts should be available at LP stores, but maybe a different type of faction fort to preserve the uniqueness of those old forts with a long and special history.

For collectors and investors this really sucks. It’s another thing where the short term success is more important for CCP than the longterm success.
Because why would I grind hard to afford a ‘nature’ right tattoo now? I will just wait 2 years and buy it for 50$ in some stupid pack and uninstall the game.


CCP can bring any item into the game they want ! youre mad because YOU had done bad business but why is this a problem ?

you know the difference between some apparels or skins ? they didnt have any influence to the game ! an AT ship or an Faction Fort have an impact …

Sorry to say this, but get over it ! its a game ! undock, shoot some ppl and have fun !


tbh As a young person it’s nice that the newer generation of EVE players have a chance to get this limited item with a lot of history behind it.

It’s all ISK in the end. All pixels.

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Good complementary discussion on the topic.

I am conflicted really. Collector’s items are super speculative. Don’t hold practical value like a ship or gun. This is why I don’t buy the 5bil golem skins lol.


just in case you hung onto this too: WTB Men's SARO 'Black Troop' Combat Suit - #2 by Nicen_Jehr

lol hard aquired he says


The thing is not gatekeeping cool skins, tattoos, cyborg arms, ships from new players.

They could just release another golden pod as a skin or something that doesn’t diminish the value of the ‘limited’ item.
I’d like to see faction forts on FW-LP markets for example… but it needs to be a different version, else all that makes the old forts special is lost.
I’d love to see affordable cool looking tattoos like the “nature” or “drone” ones, but they should slightly look different from the limited ones. (maybe just a little bit of color change in one small area)

Many people have goals like “I want to get this special thingy” and they will play the game working towards that goal…

For me this is true for example… I’ve cached ISK to at one point buy one of those nature tattoos, but why would I even want to spent 10billion now on a thing that might be worth 5$ next week and every other person has one?
That is the fundamental problem with this decision. It replaces goals that are archieved by ingame-stuff with $$$.

Such items are basically like small archievements. Like AT ships, having a golden pod WAS something special to aim for… now the question is… what will be worth aiming for if this very special thing got worthless all of a sudden.

Right now every idiot can buy a golden pod and the supply is unlimited.
2 days ago, very old players or players that played the game a lot and got some ISK could afford it. And with each one that sold, they got more expensive and more special.


Yah they can. lol.

To most people they are just cosmetic things. Collector items. 0 bearing on how I make ISK in this game.

THAT’S A BIT HARSH LOL? Really speaks to your personality so far.

This is really a battle of young/old POVs.

Young folks like me may have a hard time to see why a darn skin is worth 40+bil and at the same time old vets are telling us about HISTORICAL value and INVESTMENT value. :joy: Please speak to us young people. CCP is catering EVE to the younger gamers of 2023. Not the older vets.


It’s virtual, it’s pixels on a screen, it’s a promise of exclusivity, it makes the owners feel good, until a business guy starts meddling with it as the next best idea to sliced bread to make an extra buck ten years later.

Insult upon injury, as a gratis bonus for a skin pack ? Ouch. It should have been the other way around at the very least. Better still, they should have created a different item after the second decade, so that the new generations have their “exclusive” items until they are greeted by a new generation wanting its place under EvE’s many suns. An elongated pod or sumtin, I’m sure you can dream up the perfect shapes …

Caveat emptor.


I’ve been playing eve since the beginning and I don’t care about skins, cosmetics, anniversary items and other things… They are nothing more than ones and zeros with a picture and text in a game, totally disposable just like the ships. If this guy kept that item in his hangar for 10 years hoping to make a small fortune, that’s his problem. It was he and others like him that have given it that value, not ccp.

“hard aquired ISK” hahaha.


I do vaguely remember a promise that all mystery code items would be exclusive to mystery code holders, was the pod part of that?

Oh no :((((( now other people can have something that I have :((((

Come now. This is beneath you.


This person wanted to get on the CSM and now everyone knows why: insider trading. Which is yet another showcase about why the CSM is really just for selfish egocentric and/or narcissist people (trying to gather intel) and why it should be abandoned.


Greed is a frightening and incurable affliction.

If anyone was still under any illusions about CCP’s wordiness - the example of this bundle shows that - for CCP - the term “unique” or “limited edition” is just a marketing ploy to create the basis for yet another sale of virtual goods at an exorbitant price.

I just wonder, when they decide to put a bundle with those special edition ships. It’s going to happen, I’m sure of that.




The minute an alt of mine got a casino skin I got out of the skins/barbie market since I knew things like this is limited and nothing is safe. At the end of the day CCP is a business and if they can make 100 people happy by pissing of 10 they will do so.

I basically just right clicked on all my skins and just injected them. Still have all my barbie stuff. Sold about 80 golden monocles kept 1 for myself ofcourse. That day is coming :slight_smile: when they get released as well.


CCP: Buy this really expensive once in a lifetime pack/show up in person event and get some “unique” and “exclusive” stuff.

CCP Two years later: Buy this really expensive pack with the same unique and exclusive stuff that we gave you before.

10% of players: What the ever loving ■■■■?

90% of the players: CCP apologist clap trap.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Boo hoo, CCP rereleased the cosmetic item that I thought line would go up forever on, now line went down, waaaaaaaaaaah.

If you don’t see the difference between those and a pod skin… idk what to tell you.


I think the entire market for skins, in particular, has become an utter farce. I like many of the nice skins…but I don’t like them so much that I’m prepared to pay tens or even a hundred times more than the ship itself to buy them. I think the fact that many of the cheaper or frequently available skins are utterly boring only serves to compound this issue.

Plus the idea of ‘rare ships’ becomes equally farcical in that CCP can ( and does ) amend ships at any time and thus it is not like owning some unchanged vintage model. It’s not like anyone has a ’ 2017 Procurer ’ in their hangar…because that ship will instantly become updated to whatever the latest Procurer model is. And genuinely ‘limited edition’ ships are likely to just sit in dock un-used lest they get ganked or otherwise destroyed…which to all extents and purposes makes them about as relevant to the game as some Picasso stuffed away in a cellar that nobody ever sees.

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Ever since CCP reintroduced geckos & genolution skill implants years ago, I kinda gave up on collecting “discontinued” items. If you want to store value, can’t go wrong with collecting PLEX.

Sorry for your loss, OP.

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On that note, some seriously “weird stuff” happened in trading in this very rare and very expensive item, just DAYS before this sale. Will CCP investigate this or will the CSM suggest there’s no issue at all.

It’s almost as if some people had prior knowledge