Golden Pod Question

I have a question about the “golden pod”. I searched through the internet and searched the eve store and I could not find anything for this one question. Is there another way to getting it other than buying the implant for it off of the market?

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Markee dragon used to sell codes on his website but seems it has been removed. At this point it seems the market only

Thx, I didn’t want to pay the +11bil price tag but I guess I will just have to save up and wait for someone to sell it.

it was from either the collectors items code or mystery code from the eve: second decade box set, you might be able to find a box with the codes in but they might have been used by the previous owner

Fun fact about the implant:
Once it has been plugged, it can only be removed manually. Being podded will not destroy it. :wink:


It’s a reward included in the 10 year anniversary box.

The implant gives you the Genolution pod, and the implant is present in all clones unless you manually unplug it.

Until CCP see fit to hand more codes/implants out there will only be as many implants as were anniversary boxes sold.

I still have a few of those sealed boxes. Wonder how much they’re worth now?

And also like a hundred of the implants that I invested in when they were like 1 billion each, lol.

The fees to sell those pods are mental. If your in the market to buy one in the future, drop me a message and we can do it under market value via contract to save on fees.

Thanks for the offer, I finally found a decent source of ISK now so I might have the ability to do that relatively soon depending on how much I can get while I still have omega

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