May 2023


When will we be tease by the anniversary’s collector box ?
I hope it will be the same size than the 2013’s box.

Have a good day Capsuleers & CCP
Fly safe.


Because I want to know if there will be one ?
I have some space to kill to put it on next to the first one. :slight_smile:

Have a good day Capsuleers & CCP
Fly safe. o7

I have a strange feeling there will be no collector’s box for this decade.

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Only CCP can answer that. I dont think anyone among players know it.

What 20 million ISK to each Omega and a “happy face” decal for the Alpha’s ships? I wasn’t here in 2013, please elaborate.

Personally I just want to see what the Dust 514™ dropsuits look like in the 2023 CE box…


Well I can help with that, because with my connections at CCP, I have already aquired a 2023 collectors box.
The only thing is that my computer doesn’t have a DVD player in it, so I can’t install the game :thinking:

Edit : Dammit, minimum system requirements say I need a 56K modem. Must be some kind of new internet tech for 2023


that’s an old instalation box. Hehe. I remember my first kit in the mid 2000’s. It had a littlenflyer inside it with some lore and propaganda about New Eden. I remember reading it while thengame was installing on my old pentium 4.

“Only available to customers using the mystery code.”

–Gadget wondered what that thing was for…

What are the second decade boxes worth these days? I still have a stack of them in storage.

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Do you have the golden pods codes?

I would assume so, since they’re sealed boxes.

I also have like 150 of the gold pod things in-game, because I thought they’d be a good investment back when they were like a billion ISK each.

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They are around 15 billion each now.

Right, but an orca was only 200m back then.

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