Stuff for Mystery Card Holders?

Is… Is this for real? CCP hasn’t forgotten us?


What are those mistery cards?

They were a part of the Second Decade Collector’s Edition.

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I think you can still buy it on Amazon for around 180 us dollars. Not sure if it will work though.

Edit: only one left for about $200 if you count tax and such.

You can also buy the Mystery Code separately on Markee Dragon Game Codes (a third party reseller). That’s where I got mine without spending $200.

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Tbh, the best part of that box was Danger Game anyway… Followed by the book. The Rifter is a piece of plastic trash with a ridiculously short cable (10 cm lol). But if all you care about is the mystery card, I think MarkeeDragon has a few left? Indeed, he has!

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Apparently not. Colour me shocked. :scream:

Actually I just like the outfits and $200 is too much, I would rather subscribe a third Omega lol

I bought the package, it has a great golden pod! and a monocle with lasers attached to it! And a gnosis BPC with 3 copies! Awesome great stuff! But the suit is not in the pack. Just a heads up for potential unhappy people as you will only get the awesome package and probably not the suits referred!

Yes. Its real, i just logged in and got it. The stuff even looks good! The new suits are the best looking suits in the game IMO. After years of neglect i didnt expect this.

… because the mystery code is not part of it. It was printed on a physical card in the collectors box.

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What a sight it must be, can it even stand upright? :joy:

Well, smol is cute I suppose. :rofl:

Did you get the SARO skins?

To be fair, that cable made me want to cry and was super dumb.


If I get one of the codes would I be able to get the SARO skins or no?

Hurray, stuff again.
Edit: I’m not being sarcastic, I am genuinely glad to see the mystery code is still a thing.

beg to differ! Some people had sanity-defying FUN with it! (general recommendation: only click the link if you can still think like a 10-year old.) Flying the USB Rifter through the CCP Office

As I read the title of the news, I got very excited: May CCP finally find out what could be done with this Mystery code?
And got nice suits (really, I appreciate it) and SKINs for ships what were given out as special edition ships in limited numbers. As the mystery code holders and the event attendance is not a congruent set, lot of us cant use the SKIN for ourself.
After years of neglecting the Mystery code holders, would be a nice gesture to give the CONCORD ships with the SKINs.
the CCP Mystery Code is your ticket to VIP benefits both now and for years to come.
Seems we are not as much VIP as the events (Fanfest, EVE Vegas) attendance. :frowning:
After a limited period of timed exclusivity these ships will become available again in the future through other special promotions.
It could have been a very good opportunity to earn back some of the lost faith of the Mystery code holders, but CCP disappointed (trolled?) us again.
This Mystery code is a nice scam by CCP. We should have known it. :smiley:

Hahah :joy:

CCP gives some exclusive stuff for free after years of neglect and there is always some guy, always some guy…


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But other neat stuff!

Dang it, now I have to hunt for the pacifier and enforcer skin

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