Mystery Code?

With EVE becomming fifteen it hit me again.
Our mystery code from the 10th anniversary that was never really honored ! What about it ?
CCP is drawning the fish here ?
Maybe we can close this one with a onetime last gift and make it an official close ?

PS : I will certainly bring it back up on the 20th anniversary :slight_smile:


They probably fired the devs responsible for it and just want to bury it.

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Which part wasn’t honoured, did they ever fail to provide you an actual item they detailed? because afaik the only complaint is that they haven’t added anything to it, they can’t just throw you random stuff without considering how much it might impact the game, if they handed out a random but fairly useless ship it would be worth silly amounts of ISK just because of its rarity which is not what they planned for the mystery gift so they need to find ways to reward players but without just making the code a license to print free ISK which in this case is also a license to print free PLEX :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a mystery…

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I don’t remember what all we got with it, but I think genolution implants, the aurora implant, and some clothes? It’s not been used a whole lot, sure, but we did get stuff for it. I wonder if anyone has kept a list of all the things we’ve got. Besides it was a bonus among all the other bonus stuff in the CE, I wasn’t going to expect a whole lot from it to begin with.

But I remember someone at CCP saying that the problem with the mystery code was that they didn’t want it to help print easy ISK for those who have it with special limited items and ships and such. But besides saying that I don’t think I’ve heard much anything about it since 2015 or so.

One PLEX, the Rorqual ORE Development skin, useless clothes, prosthetic arm (or was that a pre-order bonus? I don’t remember), 60-day trial account code, DUST514 stuff and a limited edition ship / skin for EVE: Valkyrie.

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