Mystery Code

This is the yearly reminder for CCP that the second decade is still not over and that they once again completely forgot about the Mystery Code, like they always do. Luckily we don’t.


Maybe they can give you an Exoplanet Hunter Revenant skin or something.

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What is this about?

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EvE History.

–Helpful Gadget


Yes what is this?

CCP gave out items to Mystery Code holders

EVE Second Decade Collector’s Edition

Dev Blog: The CCP Mystery Code De-Mystified


The Mystery Code was part of the EVE Second Decade Collectors Edition:


In the future, whenever we have big things happening—not just across the EVE Universe but across all CCP games—you will find a Mystery Code element to enjoy.

Well yeah, maybe nothing big happened for --not just across the EVE Universe but across all CCP games for the last year. Still a shy reminder never hurts, wouldn’t you agree? It’s not like I demand something.


lol “value of over the next 10 years”

you lot just got Jita scammed big time lol

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Sooooo… is this like Linus waiting for the Great Pumpkin every Halloween?

It’s just a reminder for CCP that they sold us a promis and constantly forget about it. And also a reminder to the community that CCP sells promises and then forgets about it.


Oh wow!
I forgot that was a thing!


Do you have it written into your calender?

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It is probably the day after “CCP promises to never sell skill points.”


You know what? You’ve just convinced me to add another thing to my EvE to-do list: compile a list of all the promises and teasers that CCP has given us and aren’t implemented yet, as well as stuff that can’t be implemented like full integration of EvE, Valkyrie, and Dust 514.

And there would be citations for everything, as many as we can find. That way, when someone makes a claim that CCP promised the players something we can look at the list and know if they’re right, wrong, or just half-right (i.e. CCP said they were working on or experimenting with it but made no promises).

On a related note, I looked back at some talk in the forums from 2005 and they were cracking wise about how a feature that was “coming soon” meant it would be seen in 1-5 years. It makes me wonder if CCP has always been slow at getting things done or the meme became reality at some point.

Edit: The wisecrack was here:

Knowing CCP they already have that planned for next year. And we’ll see it in an expantion 5-10 years from now… if ever.

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We all can agree that CCP isn’t the type of company that follows through on things, but this mystery code whining is the pinnacle of bittervet long term complaining. As it is often said, get over it or gtfo.


It’s elevated to a meme joke.

Accept the humor, get over it, or gtfo.

–Gadget appreciates good snark


What would that achieve?

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I’d love selling things to you.
You’re a goldmine.


On a practical level, it would be as close to a comprehensive list of “things CCP said they would do, but haven’t” as possible, so everyone remembers them accurately. This would serve as a fact-checking document in case people started claiming things that weren’t true, and as checklist of things CCP still has to give us.

On a personal level, it would ease my anxiety about the topic.

Five minutes later it’s forgotten. I’m not exaggerating.

Then they’ll move the goalpost.

You’ll get used to it. :blush:

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