What does this MYSTERY CODE I have get me?

So I have had an EvE MYSTERY CODE for years.

I used to get cool awesome things every so often…

Now I dont.

Where is the mystery?

Any of you in GenDisc fellow MYSTERY CODE holders?

You get anything cool recently?

I feel scammed by Ccp

It gave out some collectables, and some other random fairly worthless bobbles and implants. Thats about it as far as I can recall. But at least I have a faction pod.

This is a Cam alt, meant to bait people into being angry at cpp. just like most other threads Cam makes, including 90% of her posts.

it’s a troll thread, guys. don’t fall for it.


Maybe it is, it is also truth …

Mystery Code seems to have been forgotten by CCP

People always say that. it doesn’t matter if it’s the truth, though. why would you want to be the involuntary sock puppet of a troll, who apparently sees it as a life achievement to rally people against ccp, while constantly doing nothing else but posting angry :poop:?

You’ll get something again eventually. vOv Being angry changes nothing, and talking about it changes nothing either. Cam doesn’t care about you. All she wants, is making people feel angry.


How long were they suppose to support the mystery code? I mean I still have my orphan Annie decoder ring but they aren’t playing secret messages on the radio, should I be mad at ovalquick?


How old is that “Mystery Code” thing?
Can’t remember having seen such a thing. Why would I want it?
And who or what is “Cam”?


If you would know, it would not be mystery anymore. :wink:

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excessive line breaks, random bouts of caps lock, and low quality post. check, check, and check

tired of these ■■■■ posts.


Ovaltine, not ovalquick. Are you trying to doom poor orphan Annie?

We got stuff, we got the boxed set, we got a few things later. But treat it as an annual, not a perennial. It has bloomed, given fruit and died back. It was not a lifetime subscription to freebies.

But CCP, I would not mind a Marshall Battleship . . . just saying


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Yes, the second decade is over. It only lasted 3 years, but hell who are we to complain. It is CCPs game, and fanboys will probably explain us now that it is their product and therefor their god given right to define how long the decade is.

There was like a gazillion opportunities to fix this and they decided to ignore it until everyone forgets about it. Just make sure to remember this the next time they promise stuff like this.

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I want Marshmallow Battleship.

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Ranting - Closed.