Missed mystery code rewards

I JUST got back to eve a couple weeks ago following a multi year break from the game. Loved the game, bought the collector’s edition back in '13, got my white robot arm and plex, forgot about the codes (juste redeemed the one that gave me the golden pod a few minutes ago) altogether, and went on a hiatus. You guys know how it is.

Now I obviously wasn’t around when CCP gave out the SARO items back in 2018, so am I out of luck then?

On an related note, were there any other mystery code gifts besides the white robot arm back in 2013 and the SARO stuff in '18?

They really need to make these retroactive and permanently claimable for all owners. I’ve missed out on pretty much every single reward as well. I’m pretty sure that “redeemable only for a limited time” wasn’t in the product description. :neutral_face:

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One can hope I guess…

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