Agency rewards are terrible!

Just wanted to post my real dissatisfaction with the current agency rewards. The rewards in game are ok. But, you hit the milestone and the reward is crap.

Is this the new CCP, showing appreciation for the player base? Let talk about the Christmas gifts we got for 2017’s Christmas. Oh ya. We Didn’t Get one.

After all these years of paying, and playing, the least the CCP bunch could do is show you remember the people that pay for your Christmas.

I know it’s a whole new world now a days. No one cares for others. Or shows appreciation, or respect.

Happy New Year. Maybe 2018 will bring in new blood.

On the other hand, it did make people go out there and shoot some drones or mine stuff. More opportunities for drama and conflict, something many players seem to be asking for.

Though why my fresh Alpha is the one stuck with the mining missions is a bit of a mystery…

The 400 point reward is a first-time-ever long-duration skill point accelerator. It has 3 days base duration, up to 6 days with Biology 5. The intention is that you should activate it on Jan 30, the last day any of the current accelerators can be activated.

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Exactly. The Yioul (sp?) accelerator is all I was hoping for. You also can’t just ignore the fact we were given a BC and BS. As well as a constant stream of accelerators. I appreciate you are talking just about the rewards but I think it is only sensible to talk about the Rogue Swarm thing as a whole.

The OP reads a bit odd, as in ‘appreciate me’. It’s all a two way street, I’d show appreciation for the devs. They are the ones doing the work. I’ve worked in a development team and the constant nit picking is maddening. If you rephrased it along the line - ‘this is what I liked about it but this is what I’d of done differently’ it would be far more constructive.


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