OMG, Yoiul 2017 was so depressing

I don’t even feel like starting a thread about it.

But I feel I had to because I been through past EVE Yoiul events before. What happened? Past events use to be so much fun, I would look forward to getting on as see what my gift would be. Have we been that bad to CCP this year?

It was so, meh


The Yoiul Guys were laid off this year.


wow. so sorry for that. I hope they recover, I mean I feel bad for that but it explains why this year will be unremarkable.

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I thnk the reply may have been sarcasm… although CCP do seem to like laying people off so may be true

Although players thought it should be other event, CCP decided to continue the same event with drones with the same rewards. Reward buy prices fell drastically. Everybody kindly dejected.


Probably sarcastic yeah, but CCP did fire several EVE community managers along with the whole VR team. At this point I’m sure they’re just piling more and more ■■■■ for @ccp_falcon to do and see when he breaks under the pressure.


It’s like I got coal in my sock this year, and I just resubbed for the whole year.


ask for a refund maybe

Nah,. Sounds like CCP needs everything they can get their hands on to keep it together for 2018. I mean wow, I’ve been in company Christmas parties where the lavish ones were a sign of good things to come, and the sad ones were like the writing on the wall, better dust off the resume kind of thing.

TBH, i wouldnt buy a 1 year sub anymore. All CCP has done in the last years was rebalances and overhauls of existing systems. Nothing new. No wait, there was somehting new: skill trading and more monetizazion methods (SKINS, daily alpha injector)!

What is planned for 2018? More rebalances (assualt frigates and upwell structures) and probably more microtransaction stuff (i.e. colored engine trails for 50 PLEX). So EVE is in low cost mode, its revenue will probably go to CCPs new MMO.


It wasn’t at all sarcasm. They were actually fired or left CCP before the ■■■■ hit.


I agree though, I know they have let people go and people leave for other positions all the time, i dont know what CCPs starff retention levels are like overall.

EvE does seem in a steadily declining place at the moment though, The alphas and injectors are OK (imo) but this fixation with skins is getting stupid, i buy cheap ones from ISK but every time there is a post from CCP we are getting some new skin thrown down our necks or one being retired so rush out and buy it now kind of posts.

But we all have our own opinions what we like and dislike about the game, what I hate you may like and visa versa. and what new content can they actually release?


Forward operating bases, changes to alpha clone workings, new project discovery, resource wars, refineries, reinvention of moon mining, mining ledger, introduction of concord ships. There have been some significant new things added (the moon mining/refinery stuff in particular). It might not impact you directly, but was a big addition to the game.

Not sure if I LIKE it… but it wasn’t inconsequential and it is very new.


Christmas is a huge sales period.

CCP had the right angle when they did the Yoiul promotions in the past.
Its just stupid/lazy to not try and cash in on a seasonal event worth billions.


I think that for a period of some time after the massive layoff, CCP has been relying on inertia and just merely coasting along with minimal effort until the new year, where the company’s reorganization gets finished, the new year hopefully brings optimism, and the long cold arctic days increase productivity. This year’s event was merely a reflection of corporate morale after all of this upheaval in personnel.


It’s like World of Warcraft dailies. You learn to hate the game because it turns into a maintenance simulator and if you miss 1 or 2 days you’re F*kd. After hours of maintenance dailies then you are free to actually play the game. Or just forget the ‘holiday content’.


If you are playing Eve while you can actually see what skin you have on your ship… you are playing it wrong.


You are right. Even something small would do as a gift. Things like “Cerebrum In A Container” or “The Friend Ship” … things that made us laugh.


I think the giveaways have been pretty cool. Free ships during the Arms Race event, with which anyone could use to complete even more rogue drone sites, and randomly find close to a dozen commemorative items in that loot. (The best part of that loot being SP accelerators.)

A special holiday video was tucked into a monthly “in development” overview. Its wonderfully whacky!

Hey, after I got yesterday accidentially my first 10 points in the Yoiul Event I decided, why not, give it a try … I’m depressed now, like OP.

But there are 100 festival rounds to cheer me up yay … for a minute … and gone …

I propose for next year empty socks! I actually need some.