Christmas 2017

This is really a plea to CCP. I hope they’re listening.

For the last few Christmases CCP has given us a bunch of slightly interesting but ultimately completely useless junk, things like the ‘Grand Teigjon Casino Chip’ and the ‘Counterfeit Dominix Model’.

For several years before this, CCP had normally given pilots a special ship at Christmas to say thanks for their loyalty and continued support, for example, the Sukuuvestaa Heron (

So this year CCP, can you start doing this again, please? While I really appreciate the science fiction narratives woven into objects like the ‘Sansha Claws Fairytale Book’ (which is, just for those who don’t possess it, an object that you can’t look at or read), personally, I’d rather have something I can fly.


I agree, because Merry Christmas cards are forgettable and chocolate can only get so far without being eaten. I WANT TOYS!


Just a festive shuttle or something would be fine, its just nice to have something cool to hold :stuck_out_tongue:


“Can I get a gift? K, can I get a better gift?”

That’s you, thats disgusting.


Hardly, in this case its us getting worse gifts as the years go on, they used to give out random pointless ships, atleast those you can use :stuck_out_tongue:

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If your mom gives you socks for Christmas you give her a hug and say thank you. CCP employees deserve the same.


Because guess what, socks are USABLE! They feel nice to use, they eventually wear off and eventually they go to the trash but it had its purpose! CCP right now is only handing out cards that are forgettable and waste space, I doubt many people in the world have a drawer dedicated to birthday and holiday cards.


i dont like socks or cards i like guristas battlecruisers


I want chocolate! :yum:

I also dont have anything against warm socks.


Well I can see already why CCP gives me better gifts than you guys, I wouldn’t even contract you a cubic meter of coal.

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what do they give you

Of course ship, like small yacht, with some fancy stylized hull and stealth capabilities would be better stuffed with this chocolate and socks, but oh well, one can only dream.

Coal is best gift


well there is already a victorieux luxury yacht
it cant field geckos though

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So maybe smaller yacht with one heavy drone looking like Gallente fighter, and cloak capabilities. :star_struck:

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Would love to see shuttles based on actual ships like for instance a mini caldari titan. Shuttle size of course same stats as shuttle, These would so cool to fly about, collectable. Or maybe finish of the genolution sets.


Except you aren’t birthed by CCP and you pay them to make your gameplay worthwhile. Once they set the standard…well, they set their own standard and we remember

active thrusters and dynamic orbits around planets and moons would be functionally better

then in new ships why not a SOE frieghter and meduim size SOE mining ship

Orbiting planets won’t ever happen