Worst birthday

This capsuleer day is worst than ever.

Crappy rewards.
Crappy event sites without loot.

2 years ago we have such greate celebration with such great reward and notw this… :nauseated_face: :man_facepalming:
What’s wrong with you CCP?
EVE deserves a better birthday.


I will gladly accept your rewards.


WIth pleasure.
Right after you gift me omega time that i could redeem it.

The rewards are non-transferable

I suppose he talks about ships.

I do. If you are still around in Eve next week , we can formalize the contract. I will take them for free and take good care of them.

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Classic Mr Raven thread.


Uh, arent they exactly the same gifts as last couple years?

Different skinns, obviously, before you say.

in 2019 was tradable SKIN’s, boosters and 1.6kk SP

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Well I do think making things soulbound sucks, but tbh there was no value in them, other than to apply em as everybody got em anyway so in regards to the skins I really dont think thats much different.

As for SP, whats the total this time?

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Just 450k

Eh fair enough.

Tbh though if you remember the Yule Lads, they spoiled us with awesome gifts.

Shouldve just kept gifts till xmas imho

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Yeah, the ‘Soulbound’ rewards crap definitely sux. And the OP is correct, the rewards from the past few events have been literally crap.

As for ‘Soulbound’ ship skins, like the new Capsuleer Day XVIII skins that can’t be traded, new / future collectors will never get a chance to obtain those skins. Seems to me CCP is slowly working towards removing the in-game player market.

Also why does the Omega rewards have ‘Society of Conscious Thought’ ships again, aren’t those Alpha level ships? I already have a bunch of those ships, definitely don’t need anymore of them.

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I was assuming these were simply given as throwaways to use in the event. Gnosis for HS combat. Praxis for LS combat. Plus exploration ship.

Check the skills required to use them, they’re Alpha level ships. As an Omega level character, I’m not going to waste time and ISK to fit and use those ships when I can access much better ships. Also how can you consider them as usable throw-away’s when you only receive one of each ship ?

There was a can shown on stream but when people got there it was already empty.

There was only one skin there, someone looted it, and so many people went there to be disappointed.

Classic CCP :psyccp:

Instead of watching the stream and going after those SKINS I just went with fleet doing flashpoints, as usual, easy half a billion ISK.


It potentially gifts info to alpha that they can get involved, using these ships. And then it just gifts these ships to omega.

That’s your choice. Taking the risk of not knowing what fitting will work in advance. I tried to work that out on the test server instead, but it wanted me to go thro character creation, so I assumed I wouldnt have even my existing skills to test, so that was a non starter.

(shrug) How many do you want for nothing?

Your reply says nothing, if the ships are meant for Alpha players to use and get involved with the event, then those ships should be in the Alpha rewards, not in Omega rewards…



That’s a valid opinion.

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